Episode 23: Wrath of the Leafy King

Ok.. I don’t usually do the notes, so I am just going to put up the podcast and let Bre sort it all out! This week we have Leafshine from Lust for Flower as our Guest of the week and we talk (A LOT!) about WotLK.

Enjoy! (Yes.. It is 2 1/2 hours long…. OMG!)

No Show This Week…But We Want Your “Midnight” Voicemails

Seems that we had a perfect storm of Real Life slam into the TNB offices last week.  First with Fim’s infection and then somehow, it spread to my computer and it crashed, taking with it my side of the interview with Euripedes.  However, we have been in contact with Rip and he will be back on the show in the next couple of weeks to redo the Boss fight, I mean the interview. 

Thank god he was so understanding and that you guys are so patient.  We <3 you!

Also as a reminder, Fim will be hanging with BRK and Mania outside the Waterfordlakes Game Stop in Orlando. 

I will be hanging and drinking at the Dolphin Mall in Miami.

For all the lunatics, like us, if you are going to be at a Midnight Event, call the voicemail and, please, please, please leave us a message!  The number again is: 206-203-4546

If you want Fim to bombard BRK and Mania with questions, feel free to write them in the comments or send us a voicemail! 

I will be bothering complete strangers in line tomorrow (strange things happen when I drink) so if you would like me to ask something silly, bring it on!

I will see or speak to you guys tomorrow!


Change has come to Azeroth

Welcome to one of many regular installments from self acclaimed blogging “guru” Matticus. Learning about blogging techniques is one thing. Actually going through with them and carrying them out is another and that’s where I hope to help!

WoW blogging used to be rare. There were a lot of WoW players but there weren’t a lot of WoW writers. Over the past year, I’ve watched writers come and grow. I’ve observed their blogging evolve. I had the privilege of collaborating and corresponding with some of them. I was saddened when several of them decided to retire and throw in the towel. I rejoiced when they came back and resumed their work like nothing has happened.

And yet, in the months leading up to this new expansion, bloggers like myself have grown weary. There was a lack of material to write on. I had to get extremely creative to combat bloggers block.

Those of you that had the opportunity to participate in the beta are already aware of the thrill and danger that Northrend brings. Your audience, whether it’s in the tens or the thousands, will be looking towards you to help them and to guide them through these times of wonder and uncertainty.

Your classes will be evolving.

Your professions will be expanding.

Dungeons are waiting for you to enter them.

New weapons are waiting for you to use them.

The collective power of WoW bloggers, whether they realize it or not, is awe inspiring. It doesn’t matter what kind of a blogger you are. Creative, analytical, roleplaying, casual, hardcore, raiding, PvP and non-PvP bloggers will have a wealth of content to write about for months and years to come.

We will continue to pour our souls for fellow gamers to see. We will continue to educate and illuminate players that want more and crave more in the same way as we’ve always had: Word by word; Blog post by blog post; Cramped hand by cramped hand.

This upcoming Thursday, I want to encourage all bloggers to write one post. Don’t tell me that you won’t have time because I know you will have time. No matter how fast your computer is, you cannot install Wrath of the Lich King that fast. Use the installation time as a limit and let your readers know. Remind them who you are. Remind them what you’re about. Remind them what they can expect from you as a blogger, a player, and as a person.

Are you ready for change?

We Interrupt this Podcast…

Fim got infected last week via the Zombies and is a sick boy.  The sucky germs got into his lungs and he has a bad case of bronchitis and this week’s TNB is not completed.  It will be completed when Fim gets better and can actually talk for more than two minutes without losing a vital organ. 

Thank you all for your patience and I promise when we update episode 23 you will have a fantastic magey interview by Euripedes.  Keep your readers poised and ready!



Shared Topic: What Kind of Class are You?

This week’s Shared Topic was suggested by Druid author Sydera of the World of Matticus and is entitled “What kind of class are you?” She suggests that authors create a multi-question quiz to determine what kind of <INSERT YOUR CLASS HERE> your visitors are! She’s even provided a sample question to help you get started:

I rolled a Druid because …

  1. I love kitties! I need to hug kitties. I need to BE a kitty. And bears. I love bears! And trees! And trees that look like bears.
  2. I wanted the flexibility of a hybrid class while leveling, and I didn’t want to sacrifice endgame viability as a tank, healer, or DPS.
  3. I wanted four different looks and four different dances, particularly that Moonkin dance.
  4. I made a spreadsheet comparing the relative HPS and HPM for several spells from different classes, and I liked the look of Lifebloom and Rejuvenation. After trying out all possible healing classes at low levels, I’ve gone with druid.

Share your submission over at Blog Azeroth!

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