Live! Episode 16 Recording

Episode 16, which we previously announced would be co-hosted by Matt and Wyn from World of Matticus will be live-corded! (Um.. live recorded???)

We will be trying UStream again, but there will be no technical problems this time (Um. I think).. Just go ahead at 9:30pm Pacific Time (US) and go to :

The password to get in (I don’ want no stragglers…) is tnb73.

We’d love to have you guys there as we talk about WoW, WoW Blogging and the WotLK beta with Matt and Wyn, Live! Ask some questions on the chat room and we might even answer them!

Blog Tipping: Writing for Reading

annabadge At its core, blogging is about writing things that people will read. Sounds easy, right? If only it were so simple. Figuring out what people like reading can take awhile (just as figuring out what you like to write can take awhile). In that light, here are a few tips to improve the readability of your posts:

  1. Don’t just show, or tell – do both. Pictures are good. Stories are good. Both together are better. Tell the reader WHY something is interesting, and what about it caught your eye.
  2. Write titles that catch reader attention. Matticus notoriously uses the supermarket rags as post title inspiration (as well as Cosmo!) – why? Because those titles are there to catch your eye, and used in a blog post, they’ll appeal to the reader as well
  3. Make your point quickly, and don’t waste words. The first two or three sentences of a post will either draw a reader in, or send them clicking to the next thing in their list. Make your point early and obvious, and then back it up with details. If you thought filler was obvious in high school term papers, it’s even more obvious in blogs!
  4. Explain jargon and acronyms. You can assume that most people reading a Warcraft blog will know what WoW is, but a new player might not know what TPS is, or HPM. (Threat per second, Heals per mana). It only takes a second to explain an acronym, and you’ll widen your audience significantly by doing so – especially if you’re talking about a very specific topic.
  5. Edit, edit, and edit some more. A great idea doesn’t automatically mean a great post. Go back and edit what you’ve written, making sure that your post is clear and concise, and that it says what you want to say and how you want to say it!
  6. Use active voice. Rather than “I have been blogging” say “I blogged”. Make the subject of your sentence DO the action. If you’re giving advice, give advice – you don’t have to worry about softening it.
  7. Beware the wall of text. Blog paragraphs are shorter than normal paragraphs because they are intended to be read on a computer monitor. Formatting is especially important on blogs (and probably should be a Matticus post all in itself) – for now, be aware of what your text looks like when its posted. Is it easy to read, or is it a mind-bending, eye-boggling wall of swimming text on a screen?

Obviously this is just the surface of things that help make your blog more readable, but they are some of the most important. Some of them are easy, some of them are hard. For me, coming up with good titles is often the hardest thing to do. Writing and editing is easier (I have an academic writing background), but catchy titles? Eep!

And, so you don’t think I’m some kind of blogging whiz kid, some of these tips have been garnered from months of reading Lorelle on WordPress – her blogging tip section is extensive and AWESOME.

Shared Topic: What I Will be Doing…

Following the recent trend of wrath-related posts (sorry Anna), this week’s Shared Topic comes from Delchion of the recently-renamed Delchion’s Place blog. In his own words:

Many folks (including myself) already have an idea in our heads about what we will be doing in the first day or three after Wrath hits. I thought it might be interesting to have folks put it down "on paper" as it were. That way we could reference back to it when writing the inevitable "my first day/ weekend/ week" in Northrend posts.

Might be interesting to see how close or far off we really ended up being. Kind of like a time capsule of expectations we could go back and poke through later. Not to mention it will end up covering ideas for 3 or more posts: what I think now, what really happened, and comparing the two.

Current participants include:

Double Your Hosts!

 matt wyn

We have a special show coming this week.  Taking a break from the interviews, we are happy to have Matt and Wyn from World of Matticus join the ramble and be with us THE WHOLE SHOW!

Much like WI, this is your chance to ask the “Beta” testers all those questions you want to know.  Send them in and we will pass them on to Matt and Wyn.  There is a promise of giggles, beer, healer jokes, beta talk,     Canadian(s), and incoherent conversation, don’t miss it!

Episode 15-Pet Mania!

mania This week we are Manic over Mania! The Queen of hunter pets has graced us this week. Come and enjoy in the splendor. We also try to make sense of the new raid buffs and Fim hears voices…

— Continue reading Episode 15-Pet Mania! —

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