An Accidental Accident

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Just a quick clarification:  A post entitled ‘bloggitty bloggity snark’ which accidentally appeared on these pages was not intended for publishing here.  Please, PLEASE do not be confused and think that that post is at all relevant to TNB, as it is not (it’s more a matter of me being a dork and clicking the wrong blog to publish to).  If it appears in your reader, I apologise for any inconvenience.  The post has since been deleted.  That post most definitely was not ‘allowed’ by Fim and Nib!

Again, apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Yours in all things noob, Saresa.

2 comments to An Accidental Accident

  • awww, I’m scared that now I run two blogs that I will do the same thing! You have my sympathy! /salute

  • We’ve all done it. And panicked. And frantically tried to fix it. And hoped nobody noticed. And decided to fess up just in case someone did.

    It has led me to become a very paranoid poster – I always check and triple check before I post anything anywhere.