Episode 337 – A Dragon New Year

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Happy New Year! This episode we talk about our ongoing thoughts on Dragonflight. We talk about dragonriding, crafting and other interesting tidbits.


Episode 336 – Flight of Dragons

Beware! This episode there be DRAGONS! Join Hydra, Zabine and Fimlys as we talk, of course, about the newest expansion, Dragonflight! Leveling, Zones, Professions, Dragonriding and everything in between.


Episode 335 – A Fourth Season

This episode we discuss the new Shadowslands Season 4, the announcement that there WILL be an in person Blizzcon in 2023, Dragonflight alpha and much, much more!


Episode 334 – Summer not Winter

Summer is here and Winter is always coming… Dragonflight pre-order is out and “guaranteed” before the end of 2022. We talk about the early purchase items you can get now and pre-order bonuses. We also talk about Fimlys’ broken arm and Hydra’s crazy west coast road trip.



Episode 333 –  14th Twisted Anniversary

TNB turns 14! Welcome to our 14th anniversary show. We have a special guest at the beginning of the episode that you just can’t miss!

Sorry for the delay, this show is being posted very late because, just after the show, Fimlys broke his arm. We talk about patch 9.2.5 and a few other […]