Blizzcon 2014

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Blizzcon 2014 is November 7-8, 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Floor Map

Friday Schedule

Saturday Schedule


Party Time

Twisted Nether’s 5th Blizzcon Party! Join us on Friday, November 7th after the first day of Blizzcon for a night of fun hanging out with your favorite Media Personalities. Bloggers, Podcasters, Youtubers and everyone else will be there to chat and have a good time. This year we are including the newest member of the Twisted Nether Network, HotSCast, the Heroes of the Storm podcast.

Location, Location, Location

This year’s party will be held at the Bowlmor in the Anaheim Garden Walk. This is the same location as last year, so if you were there, that’s where we will be again. It’s a couple blocks east of the Convention Center on Katella. IGNORE THE ADDRESS ON THE WEBSITE. (You can also walk through the first floor parking lot entrance straight back from Katella)

Friday, November 7th : 9PM – ?

321 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802


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Video Directions

So easy a Baby Murloc can find it!


1429p_0c_2mAs with last year (and prior years), in addition to the fun and festivities, we will be selling loot bags for charity. All money made from the sale of the loot bags will be donated directly to Child’s Play Charity. Just show up at the party, talk to our wonderful team to donate your money and get your loot bag which will contain the possibility of winning an awesome piece of.. you guessed it.. LOOT!

1428p_0c_2mLoot!?! Yep. We have some great sponsors this year (See Below) but we are still looking for more! That’s where you can help us out. We’re looking for donations of items to give away. Large, small, digital pets, artwork, t-shirts, whatever. If you are interested in donating an item or items let us know at . Also, if you are interested in helping sponsor the event also email us and we can start a discussion on that. We’d love to have some great sponsors this year to enable us to make our 5th party bigger and better than ever!

Répondez s’il vous plaît

It’s not required to attend but if you are planning on being at the party on Nov 7 this year, let us know. Email us, Tweet us, Call us! Really it’s just for us to geek out that YOU are gonna be there! Thanks again for everything and we’ll see YOU at Blizzcon 2014!

Party Sponsors!!

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