Wiki Tiki Utility: Path of a Hero

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5320473a5c57a0ddff092085c9ca0d3a A wise man once told me, the journey is as important as the destination, if not moreso. Well, it may have not been a wise man, but the advice still stands. Everyone, including your level 80 raiding toon decked out in the phattest of lewtz and your Warlord-title-sporting spike-covered undead rogue, started out the same place as the rest of us: level 1, wearing the wrong type of armor and holding a cruddy weapon. (Unless you’re a death knight…)

The road from 1 to 80 is a long one, and a lot of fond memories can come from that trip from the vanilla WoW lands all the way to the Lich King’s front door. But how best to chronicle it? Some of us start blogs, but if you want to specifically focus on your path, one unique way to do so is with this week’s Wiki Tiki Utility, Path of a Hero!

Path of a Hero is, at first blush, sort of like a blog. You have a journal in which you can keep entries (one is displayed at a time), you can add pictures, and so on. But PotH’s selling point is the timeline. When you make an entry in your journal, you also upload a shot of your character from the login screen. Path of a Hero then adds a snapshot of your armory stats, your Be Imba! gear score, and then arranges all of that into a timeline. The timeline is at the top of every character’s Path of a Hero page, and allows you to use a slider to view your progress from level 1 scrub to level 80 hardcore whatever-you-are. For some examples of good timelines, check out these Paths by Ryomou of The Scryers, Stoneybaby of Muradin, and Gloroth of Khaz’goroth.

If you’re searching for a way to better express your character’s journey and growth, maybe it’s time to take a look at Path of a Hero.

Mondays are Wiki Tiki Utility days here at TNB! Stop from The Stoppable Force highlights a resource from the Twisted Nether Wiki’s Big List of WoW Utilities, hopefully giving you a nice boost to your Intellect – or at least your skill at World of Warcraft. If you’ve got a utility you’d like to see listed on the wiki, or one you’d like to nominate for the Wiki Tiki Utility post, please send an email to stop AT twistednether DOT netwith the subject “Wiki Tiki Utility”!

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