Shared Topic: What is a Good Guild?

This week’s Shared Topic is a question which I am sure many WoW players  posed by Copra of Bullcopra 

Noticed that there was already a nice topic about defining ‘good player’ in WoW. However, now I’m seeing more and more trade channel, general channel and even LFG channel SHOUTS "LF good guild!", and the only thing I can do is I respond to that by "define good guild?".
Haven’t received a single answer, yet. Oh, sorry, the best one was: "to form an arena team".
So, what is a Good Guild from the standpoint of a player looking for guild OR from the standpoint of being in the guild?

A few bloggers have taken the challenge of defining what a ‘Good Guild’ is this week, with some very interesting and varied responses

Pixelated Executioner talks about the best way to find the answer to the question for yourself

T-Sonn at Melted Faces discusses her view of what is a ‘Good Guild’

Misneech at Aggro Junkie comments on how people look for a good guild and how this approach might be changed

Ruby at Rubymelon evaluates the things that are important in a guild and how to work out the value of these for yourself

At Destructive Reach I talk about what a good guild means, and how we identify a good guild.

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