Episode 13-Chick-fil-a-nery

gnome_girl1 This episode we finally say Nibuca’s name correctly, discover great medieval recipes, some awesome topics and the crucial question about gnome toes is answered.

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Downtime round-up: 8-19-08

dt_roundup Is it that time again! That’s right boys and girls, it is roundup time! We are excited to have Fikkle and Sylus from For The Horde joining us as our Twisted Blog next episode. If there are any burning questions you would like to ask them, feel free to send them in! Here are a few posts you may have missed!

Hay to Munch on:

  • Pet name generator: Faeldray from Petoholic Anonymous has created the first ever, pet name generator for wow hunters and their pets! He is looking for help to fill the database so get those heads a-thinking!
  • Fed up! Raiding sucks as a sole form of end game content. Cambios from Muckbeast, offers interesting views on the role of end-game content.
  • End Game Satisfaction: Spicytuna wrote a rebuttal post to Cambios’ post.
  • A Public Response: Stop Telling People How to Game: Lume’s response to a comment by Cambios.
  • Happy Birthday World of Matticus:  A very big happy birthday to Matt and Wyn from World of Matticus! They have reached the ripe young age of one. I wonder what that equates to in dog years?

Blog Tipping: Creating New Content

Hey everyone! Given the glut of Rash of the Itch King posts recently, I thought I’d tackle this as a blog tip here on TNB.

When you’re working on a blog post, it’s easy to get very excited about something you saw in game and write a post about how you just discovered it! And given all the new things releasing about Lich King lately, there are a LOT of new things to discover.

Posting about hot topic items is fun! It’s “cutting edge” and helps get you and your readers excited about new things that are coming up in game. But MANY bloggers are also doing the same thing. Especially right now, with so many people tracking every punctuation change in the beta patch notes, original content is hard to find.

However, many of the warcraft blog readers are not single-blog readers. They read LOTS of our blogs, especially because we’re constantly linking to each other and building up our community.

So, you ask, does that mean I can’t talk about the expansion in my little, newer blog and must let all the “Big Dogs” take all the glory? Of course not! What you should do is present your OWN side of the story.

Blogging is half news and half commentary. The news might be similar to what people are seeing everywhere – if your commentary is interesting, they’ll still read what you have to say. Taking the time to create new content that is completely your own not only draws in your readers, but it helps to develop your voice as a blogger and invites conversation in your comments.

Individual content post are also ripe for link-love from blogger friends. If someone else really likes your ideas, they’ll respond to them, either in a comment, or in a response post of their own – which builds up your traffic and gives you an opportunity to respond back!

So remember – when blogging about Warcraft, we’re in a limited medium with a lot of audience overlap. What makes great blog posts isn’t lists of news items, it’s what we as bloggers have to say about it.

Every Thursday, one of the Annas from Too Many Annas stops by with a mid-week blogger tip. If you have questions or suggestions for future tips, email Anna ( tips at twistednether dot net ) with a message titled “Blog Tipping”.

Episode 12- Ravyn Quoth Nevermore

rav This episode we have a ravyn, some giggles, and several great topics for your listening pleasure.

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Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Rusco of Dazed and Confused

Welcome Josh of Dazed and Confused to the Blogging Netherhood.

Rusco is a college student living in Massachusetts. When he’s not playing WoW or writing about WoW he’s earning a degree in photography. To find out more about the man behind the blog you can listen to episode 32 of Warcraft Anonymous. (If you’re into that whole podcast thing….)

The blog follows Rusco’s thoughts about the things he encounters in WoW. From the parody featured by Phaelia “I healed AV”, to another Fo’shizzle druid supporter, to druid tanking consumables, the topics vary wildly. I find he comes back to his observations about guilds and his dissatisfaction or pleasure with the mechanics of our current guild system. If I haven’t missed my mark, there is a GM growing inside of our dear Rusco. Whatever your fancy, you’ll probably find something of interest here. I encourage you all to check it out!

So, welcome to the blog-o-sphere Rusco, may your readers be numerous and your typos be few.

Every Friday, the Twisted Nether Team has provided me (Auzara of Chick GM) with an opportunity to highlight a new blogger and welcome them to our blog-o-sphere. If you have a wonderful new blog I may have missed, please drop me a line at ChickGM at gmail dot com with a title of Welcome Wagon. I can’t promise to highlight them all but I’ll certainly try.

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