We Interrupt this Podcast…

Fim got infected last week via the Zombies and is a sick boy.  The sucky germs got into his lungs and he has a bad case of bronchitis and this week’s TNB is not completed.  It will be completed when Fim gets better and can actually talk for more than two minutes without losing a vital organ. 

Thank you all for your patience and I promise when we update episode 23 you will have a fantastic magey interview by Euripedes.  Keep your readers poised and ready!



Shared Topic: What Kind of Class are You?

This week’s Shared Topic was suggested by Druid author Sydera of the World of Matticus and is entitled “What kind of class are you?” She suggests that authors create a multi-question quiz to determine what kind of <INSERT YOUR CLASS HERE> your visitors are! She’s even provided a sample question to help you get started:

I rolled a Druid because …

  1. I love kitties! I need to hug kitties. I need to BE a kitty. And bears. I love bears! And trees! And trees that look like bears.
  2. I wanted the flexibility of a hybrid class while leveling, and I didn’t want to sacrifice endgame viability as a tank, healer, or DPS.
  3. I wanted four different looks and four different dances, particularly that Moonkin dance.
  4. I made a spreadsheet comparing the relative HPS and HPM for several spells from different classes, and I liked the look of Lifebloom and Rejuvenation. After trying out all possible healing classes at low levels, I’ve gone with druid.

Share your submission over at Blog Azeroth!

Episode 22: Brrrrraaaaiiinnnss

image This week we (brainnnnsss) talk about the new world event with the help of Lin, from Elune’s Guidance.

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Episode 21: Patches and Krafting

INV_Scroll_05 This episode we craft an interview with the profession master herself, Kaliope. Talk about patches, buffs and Bre’s new Bejeweled addiction.

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Episode 20: Greater Blessing of Cheese

cheese This week we are blessed with cheese, Nib conquers epic Blizzcon lines and we talk…alot!

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