How Can I Help?

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Hey! Thanks for your support. If you are here, then it seems you want to know how you can help the Twisted Nether Blogcast. There are quite a few ways you can help out.

  • First and Foremost.. Link Us.. Yeah, we work on word of mouth (and searches). If you have a blog (or other website/podcast/etc.), please add us to your blogroll and/or post about us. Even better would be to post for each new episode. Obviously listen to it first and then maybe give a review on your site. (Also tell your friends/guildies/etc..) You can also leave messages on forums (WoW/Guild/etc.)
  • Comments, Suggestions, etc.. Leave comments on the website, iTunes, etc. Digg the episodes (there should be a button there somewhere for that)
  • Audio Promos. Those neat audio promos by other bloggers that come at the beginning of the show and before each “segment”? We could use more! If you want to contribute some here are some hints..
    • Record in most formats acceptable or call the voicemail (mp3, wav, ogg)
    • Remember to give your name or pseudonym and blog: Hi, this is (yourname) from (yourblog)
    • Funny is good, but they don’t have to be funny.. Sing, dance, play the kazoo!
    • Promos We use
      • Welcome (And THIS is)
      • You are Listening to…
      • Have been listening to (end)
  • Ideas. Send us your ideas! Email/Comments/etc.. Leave ideas for segments or even send us an audio “audition” for a segment you are interested in providing (Episode 3 will feature a ‘provided’ segment for our Blogging Tip of the Week). Suggest blogs for us to investigate or even specific posts you found interesting or inspiring.
  • Donate. Oh yeah, you see that link in the Sidebar? “Support The Nether”.. That goes to our PayPal donations page! All donations go to offset the cost of our hosting and bandwidth. If you donate, we’ll sing your praises on the next show and I’ll even send you a cool TNB sticker!

This podcast is for you! We want all of you to participate in any way you can/want. Thanks again for all of your support.

Here is an image you can use on your site if you wish: