Resource Site Spotlight – Curse

Hello Twisted Nether groupies and welcome to another installment of our resource site spotlight.


Today is an oldie but a goodie, and we haven’t shown the spotlight on this particular site in a while.

Welcome to

Curse is one of those sites that has changed but really hasn’t changed. It is […]

Resource Site Spotlight – MMO Champion

Hello Twisted Nether Groupies!

I’ll bet you thought I forgot all about you guys! No, I’ve been contemplating the next Resource Site selections for the upcoming year and I hope to start off 2014 with a bang. 🙂

MMO-Champion, now a member of the network, is one of the […]

Resource Site Spotlight – Blizzcon 2013

Hello Twisted Nether brethren and welcome!

Today I’d like to focus on Blizzcon, after all it’s only 2 weeks away! Most of you who are going have already made all your reservations and plans and, if you’re anything like me, you are just waiting for the day to arrive. (Chomping at the bit is more […]

Resource Site Spotlight – WoW Popular

Hello again Twisted Nether Crew and welcome to another Resource Site Spotlight edition!

Today I’d like to focus on an oldie but a goodie. You’ve probably all been here at one time or another but I think it’s worth another look.

Not so very long ago, in the days of talent trees, this was one […]

Resource Site Spotlight – Ask Mr. Robot

Hello again Twister Nether Travelers! You asked for…or perhaps Fimlys asked for it…so here it is!

The newly upgraded for your convenience

Recently Zoopercat joined us on the show and talked about all the new features of the site. Here is a another look at the new services provided by […]