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Welcome DruidChick of Drewedblog to the Blogging Netherhood.

DruidChick is a 25 year old living in NYC. When she’s not playing WoW or writing about WoW she’s working a desk job with a periods of extreme busy and extreme boredom. (That sounds about like my cube days too). She’s also dating “golf dude” who is occasionally the topic of blog conversation.

The blog is unabashedly punny. Corny jokes litter most entries and make me groan and giggle at the same time. (Regular punsters will note that this is the highest praise that can be given to your puns.) Once you’ve gotten past the puns and corny jokes, you’ll find the pictures. DruidChick’s lastest post is a Calvin and Hobbes inspired illustration that I adore. She’s also included an illustration of her druid and pet peanut. I found myself first drawn to her blog when I found her describing a raiding personality we all know, the opinionated loudmouth, and wondering what exactly she could/should do about this player. Since then it’s been fun to follow her through archetypes of players we all know and love (or don’t love so much) as she and her guild progress through SSC/TK.

So, welcome to the blog-o-sphere DruidChick. May your readers be numerous and your typos be few.

Every Friday, the Twisted Nether Team has provided me (Auzara of Chick GM) with an opportunity to highlight a new blogger and welcome them to our blog-o-sphere. If you have a wonderful new blog I may have missed, please drop me a line at ChickGM at gmail dot com with a title of Welcome Wagon. I can’t promise to highlight them all but I’ll certainly try.

Blog Tipping – best posts

Hello Thursday TNB Readers!

Another Statistics blogger tip for you this week (aren’t statistics fun!) – this time having to do with your best posts.

One of the things you can look at when you’re reading through your stats are your Entry Pages – these are the pages that people either typed into their browser, bookmarked, or clicked a link to directly. Obviously the #1 entry page will be your blog homepage, but other entry pages will give you an idea of what people are finding interesting about your blog.

Another thing to look at are your google searches, though, much like your entry pages, these can contain weird flukes and sometimes provide amusement.

What’s the point of looking through this kind of stuff? Well, one of the things that will keep people coming back to your blog is how accessible the information is. If you know that the majority of your readers keep coming back because of your blacksmithing tips, you might consider adding a widget or blogroll section of “All Star Posts” – things that have proven popular over time.

The other kind of “best posts” are the ones that you like best from your blog – don’t be afraid to include those as well! These are things that you either know you did a fantastic job writing, or like to go back and re-read, or are particularly proud of. They’re the “condensed” version of your blog.

Sometimes your favorite posts and your readers favorite posts will line up – and sometimes they won’t. That’s ok, both you and your readers make up important parts of your blog!

Every Thursday, one of the Annas from Too Many Annas stops by with a mid-week blogger tip. If you have questions or suggestions for future tips, email Anna ( tips at twistednether dot net ) with a message titled “Blog Tipping”.

Shared Topic: Well, I never …

In this season of preparation for Wrath of the Lich King — or, as Anna calls it, Wrath of the Itch King — it’s the perfect time to push outside of your personal comfort zone to try something new and exciting. This week’s Shared Topic encourages you to do that! It’s entitled “Well, I never…” and was suggested by Twisted Nether’s very own Bre of Gun Lovin’ Dwarf Chick. In her own words:

Recently, in BA chat, I spoke about my guild progress and how we killed Mags the week before. Then the conversation turned to getting the “Champion of the Naruu” title. Which got me thinking, I actually can do that quest and get that title! Something I thought I would never see, let alone attain, was now an achievable goal.

What about you? Think back.

What content or goals did you think you would never see, and what have you done? What has surprised you the most? Where do you see yourself in 6 months, after the launch of Lich?

Need some motivational inspiration? Check out these authors who have already contributed:

Downtime Round-up: 7/29/08

dt_roundup Is it that time again! That’s right boys and girls, it is roundup time! We are excited to have PTD from Part Time Druid joining us as our Twisted Blog next episode. If there are any burning questions you would like to ask him, feel free to send them in! Here are a few posts you may have missed!

Hay to Munch on:

  • On Burnout. Even uber Vonya from Egotistical Priest isn’t immune to the ailment.
  • Haircut and Shave! Siha from Banana Shoulders provides a first hand look at the new Barber shops in “Itch”.
  • Polar Bear Form, OH! Phae offers a list of inscriptions druids can look forward to in “Itch”.
  • Healer Guilt Meter. Keredria from Tree for Life, offers a pictorial “guilt meter.”
  • Wanna Make Movies? Erunno from Erunno’s Thoughts offers a list of machinima basic add-ons to help you become next WoW Christpher Nolan.
  • Math and More Math. Zupa from Automagica offers great writing and a lot of math illustrating the virtues of improved frostbolt.

Episode 10-Never Enough Annas

annorah4 This episode we have a sick Bre, how to keep your raid “mana” flowing, and one of the Annas…this one with a voice…

— Continue reading Episode 10-Never Enough Annas —

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