We’re Back!

Sorry about the downtime.. Had a bit of an issues with one of the applications we run on our web host. Everything seems back to normal now! Hopefully Ep 32 will be out later today..

Episode 31-Destructive Grasp

image This week we destroy everything in our reach! Um..not really, but we still have a great time speaking to Saresa from Destructive Reach.

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Episode 30-Mounted IRL

image This week we the dynamic duo from Married IRL. Come and join us as we talk about LARP, WoW and running a guild.

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Episode 29: The Ego Has Landed

image This week we have a very “disciplined” interview with the priestess herself, Ego aka Vonya from Egotistical Priest!

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TNB Wants Your Moments…

WoW moments that is!

We want you, our gentle listeners, to tell us your most “twisted” moment of 2008. A great save, a funny death, an awesome trick, that amazing gift, whatever your best moment is, share it with us! We want to know!

How to submit.

You can record your moment and send it to info @ twistednether.net


Call and leave us a voice mail at 206-203-4546!

Spread the word, write a post, sing a song and let’s ring in the new year with all the great memories of 2008!

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