Episode 8- Bird in the Nether

This episode we have some great topics, a tip and a Kestrel in a Pear Tree!


Episode 7- An Orc in Dwarf Clothing

This week Ratshag from Need More Rage joins Fimlys and Breana as the Twisted Blog of the Week! We have a long discussion on the merits and ease of obtaining PvP gear and ohnoes! The Authenticator is Sold Out! All this and the winner of our commercial contest! Don’t Miss it!


Episode 6- Chicks Dig Kodos

This week we have all the ingredients for a great party, one Chick GM, a tip, one shared topic and kodos, lots of kodos.


Anna’s Blog Tipping: Statistics (part 1)

Hey everyone! Time for a mid-week blogger tip!

Know your readers (part 1)

Sounds simple, right? But if you think about it, without using some kind of tracking, you have no idea who reads your page or how they get there. The first part of knowing your readers is using a blog statistics tracker like […]

Episode 5-Patches and Pikes

This week we have the Huntress herself, Pike where we talk about her love of animals, the new patch notes and Anna tells us 9 things your blog needs.


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