Episode 6- Chicks Dig Kodos

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chickgm This week we have all the ingredients for a great party, one Chick GM, a tip, one shared topic and kodos, lots of kodos.

General News

From MMO-Champion News:

  • PTR up and running
  • WWI opened today and we have some great info about WoTLK and a the teaser now has been relieved…Diablo 3 is in the works.
  • Blizzard Account Authenticator announced.

Blogger Tip of the Week:

Anna, from Toomanyannas, tells us how to set up your blogroll.

Hot Topics from the Nether!

No Kodos for you! Warcraft Mount and Bre are on a quest for a Kodo!

The Brewfest, like many of the holiday events has been retooled to have a new summonable boss, and a new kodo mount. But unlike last year that both factions could obtain a ram mount, this year Alliance players will only have access to the ram and horde to the kodo.

Which way is Mania’s? East or West?

Okay this has to be on of the coolest things I have seen in a while. Mania from Mania’s Acanica the mistress of Petopia put up a post about a certain map from the creator of El’s Extreme Anglin’,Tim Howgego made a relationship map of the wow community sites and it is just awesome.

Creepy Crawlers – no, not spiders…people.

Pike from Aspect of the Hare gives a great list of “creepy strangers and how to deal with their unwanted attention.

Entertainment or Hobby?

Part Time Druid debates the question of where WoW falls.

How to kill a server.

Boom from Twenty Totems decides to leave WoW with style.

Blog Azeroth Shared Topics!

Phae shares the BA shared topic.

Twisted Blog of the Week and Guest-Auzara!

This week, we have Auzara from the Chick GM . She comes with a party hats and notes! Auzara is very prepared! The GM of a progression guild in Sunwell, Auz offers excellent guild management advice. Chick GM is full of fantastic advice and great writing. From her site:

I’m writing because when I started leading guilds I did a lot of reading. A few talented people shared their insight via blogs, forums and one on one conversations. Those people gave their time and energy and that allowed me to be a better leader. I hope that my energy may provide the same benefit to a new leader in training, or maybe just provide insight to an established leader.

In addition, I’m currently in the process of writing a book on guild leadership. While the book is factual and not based too much in my personal experiences, I believe documenting my day to day joys and frustrations will help keep me in touch with my personal experiences as a GM.

Finally, I’m writing because I believe as a reasonably articulate, female leader of one of the top 1000 US guilds, my perspective and experiences are fairly unique in the gaming world, and may prove to be interesting to at least one other person.

Twisted Nether Commercial Contest!

Our contest will be officially over. Thank you to everyone who send in a submission, now we have the difficult task trying to pick a winner! Listen next week when we announce our winner and runner-ups!

Twisted Nether Wiki is Live and Well!

We wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been helping us build and adding information into The Twisted Nether Wiki. A special thank you to Loronar, isheepthings, Kestrel, Auzara, Phae and Anna for all your hard work. The site is looking amazing and is quickly becoming a one-stop shop. Go and have a look! If you find your blog or one of your favorites (or more than 1) is not there, then email wiki@twistednether.net with the subject TNB Wiki. And one of our wikibrarians (currently Kestrel and Auzara) will add/update/etc. as soon as they can get to it.

Don’t miss out next week, when Ratshag from Need More Rage, rips himself away his wimmin to join us for a drink and a chat.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed by Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

4 comments to Episode 6- Chicks Dig Kodos

  • Can’t thank you enough for the mention of our RP event on Argent Dawn! I actually started the RPing about a week before on our forums. We announced that Boom had gone missing, and left clues at to where he could be.

    A good 10-20 folks ended up writing their own RP stories about it and posted it in a great thread on our server forums.

    I can’t think of a better way to say goodbye to such a great game. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels it’s time to move on.

    Great show! Thanks again…


  • Is anyone else having trouble with Itunes? It keeps telling me that Twiested Nether is not at a valid url.

  • Are you still having issues with iTunes? I know i was able to download it from my installation and others were too. Maybe it was just a temporary bad connection?