Episode 8- Bird in the Nether

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admin_kestrel_848854-4 This episode we have some great topics, a tip and a Kestrel in a Pear Tree!

Twisted News

New Alpha Lich Talent Calculators
Since the world wide invitational, the alpha talent trees have been springing up. MMO-champion have linked to the new calculators, with the exception of the hunter and paladins, of course.

Hot Topics from the Nether!

Can’t we all talk to each other?

Nibuca from Mystic Chicanery wrote a great post this week regarding how healer mods talk to each other and how you can set it up so you can get as much information as you need. She lists several scenarios regarding healer makeups and how to get the heal information from each.

Now, healbot and grid don’t use the same libraries, but if you install “LibHealComm-3.0 ? (the healing library) both healbot users and default UI users will communicate with grid users. Grid users can communicate with all, except for the default UI that can’t hear the heals. With the lib, they are still able to send their heals out to others using mods.

Plus Heal
Healers of all classes now have a new forums for their little hearts to heals and sing and dance. Created by several members of the blogger community, Plus Heals offers a great resource for healers at all levels of experience.
Matt’s Post
Plus Heal homepage

Shot Calculators
Drotara from Less QQ and more Pew Pew offers a brand new shot calculator

Resilience 101
Horns from Another Warlock Nerf is writing a series of how2pvp. The Resilience post provides excellent information about how what exactly does resilience do, how much your class needs, what enchants you can get.

How to use Counter spell in Arena…Make it count:

Euripedes from Critical QQ is here to answer all your questions regarding when and how to us your previous counterspell in arenas. The comments on the post also offer more tips.

Blogger Tip of the Week:

Aurdon from I Sheep Things gives us a great tip regard Google Blog Search and how you can see what others are saying about you.

Twisted Blog of the Week and Guest-Anna!

This week our Blog/Blogger of the week is Kestrel from Kestrel’s Aerie.

Kes is a veteran MMORPGer and a retired Air Force major, with degrees in psychology and business administration. When last employer made the decision in April 2008 to include his position in its latest cost-cutting move, he and his wife agreed Kes would be “mostly retired.” They have three grown sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law, and the most beautiful granddaughter in the world. Now, they get to enjoy them more than ever!

Currently, Kes play World of Warcraft on the Kul Tiras (A) realm, where he recently moved his main characters (Talonis and Osprey) to a more advanced guild from the small, close-knit guild of friends he helped found. (Modified from his about page)

Next week….hmmmm you may just have to wait and see, we may have a surprise for all of you.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed by Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

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