Blog Tipping: Writing for Reading

At its core, blogging is about writing things that people will read. Sounds easy, right? If only it were so simple. Figuring out what people like reading can take awhile (just as figuring out what you like to write can take awhile). In that light, here are a few tips to improve the readability […]

Blogger Tip: Writing an Article Series

One of the key ways to build your blog is to give readers a reason to come back. One of the ways you can do that (and build up the body of work that will define your blog) is to write a series of connected articles.

These can be either a step by step process, […]

Blog Tipping: Creating New Content

Hey everyone! Given the glut of Rash of the Itch King posts recently, I thought I’d tackle this as a blog tip here on TNB.

When you’re working on a blog post, it’s easy to get very excited about something you saw in game and write a post about how you just discovered it! And […]

Blog Tipping – best posts

Hello Thursday TNB Readers!

Another Statistics blogger tip for you this week (aren’t statistics fun!) – this time having to do with your best posts.

One of the things you can look at when you’re reading through your stats are your Entry Pages – these are the pages that people either typed into their browser, […]

Anna’s Blog Tipping: Timing

It’s Thursday again – Blogger Tip Time!

Know Your Readers (part 2)

So a few weeks ago we talked about using your statistics to track referrals, learning who was reading your site and who was linking to it from other webpages. This time, I’d like to look at another feature of using a statistics tracker […]