Episode 7- An Orc in Dwarf Clothing

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clip_image002 This week Ratshag from Need More Rage joins Fimlys and Breana as the Twisted Blog of the Week! We have a long discussion on the merits and ease of obtaining PvP gear and ohnoes! The Authenticator is Sold Out! All this and the winner of our commercial contest! Don’t Miss it!

Twisted News

Headlines from mmo-champion

  • The Beta Opt-in for UK and US is now active.
  • Blizzard Authenticator is now in the store, but if you are like me and are just getting around to buying one, you are in for a surprise, they are sold out.

Blogger Tip of the Week:

Wanna start blogging, but not sure where to start? Anna from TooManyAnnas, is here to help with Part 1 of her How to Get Started series: Platforms.

Hot Topics from the Nether!

The PVP and PVE debate is nothing new, and the debate itself is multifaceted. While you won’t be able to cover every single aspect of PvP vs PvE, we will look at different bloggers points of view and advice towards the PVP and PvE and how PVP plays a part in the whole World of Warcraft experience.

Is PvP gear too easy?
Bear posted a rant this week regarding ease and by which people were able to obtain PVP gear and whether is too overpowered.

Can PvP make you a better PvE player?
A rebuttal to Bear’s post, Bell from 4Haelz discusses how PvP can make you a better PvE player.

Does does the attraction of PvP gear hinder the advancement of PvE players?
Lactic Acid from Snake in the Grass talks about how the lure of PvP has made it difficult to find groups or set up raids in his small guild.

How to be a WoW Enabler!

AuraGirl from Raidhunter, offers some sage advice on how to enable the other WoW lover in your life.

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic:

Writer block got you down? Phae offers hope in this week’s BA shared topic.

Twisted Blog of the Week and Guest-Ratshag!

This week our Blog/Blogger of the week is Ratshag from Need More Rage. An Orc well known for his sweat and his affect on certain famous mages, Ratshag has built a fantastic site through amazing characters and hilarious stories. I would’ve love to include a about section, but as Ratters states, “he is too damn lazy to write one.”

Go visit the orc in dwarf clothing, you won’t regret it.

Twisted Nether Commercial Contest!

We have listened to the entries and first we would like to say, they were all amazing and made it very difficult for us to decide who would be the winner and we have decided that the winner is: Krystofar! Congrats Krys! And we will be sending your prize to the lovely hills of Ottawa.

(Opening song “Monster Techno Blues” is preformed by Joe Sibol, provided by podssafeaudio.com)

5 comments to Episode 7- An Orc in Dwarf Clothing

  • I concur with you on Krystofar’s ad. That was just perfect.

    Also, you should have let me know the voice were too quiet; I could have boosted it up without all the distortion in the rest of it. 😀

    Glad you liked it ^.^

  • Your commercials were great too. Don’t be surprised to hear at least one of them next week if not more.. 🙂

    Unfortunately by the time I was putting it together, there really wasn’t enough leeway to let you know I needed some boosting 😛

    I’ll try to listen to the rest and see if they need anything.. Also, if you want to boost the voice and send it again, I could put it in another podcast too 🙂

    Thanks again for your submissions.

  • Breana

    Yeah Easy!

    I love them!

  • Thanks for another great podcast this week. Have been feeling a bit ill and it was just the thing to listen to when I couldn’t sleep. I loved the winning advert. Catch ya next time.

  • An interesting pattern is starting to form, where each podcast is better than the last. I truly enjoyed this one. Excellent job all around (even to you Ratters!), keep up the fantastic work!