Episode 14: One 4 the Horde

This episode, we not only have one horde, we doubled our pleasure and got a second one as well! Join us for an express episode of TNB.


Episode 13-Chick-fil-a-nery

This episode we finally say Nibuca’s name correctly, discover great medieval recipes, some awesome topics and the crucial question about gnome toes is answered.


Blog Tipping: Creating New Content

Hey everyone! Given the glut of Rash of the Itch King posts recently, I thought I’d tackle this as a blog tip here on TNB.

When you’re working on a blog post, it’s easy to get very excited about something you saw in game and write a post about how you just discovered it! And [...]

Episode 8- Bird in the Nether

This episode we have some great topics, a tip and a Kestrel in a Pear Tree!


Episode 7- An Orc in Dwarf Clothing

This week Ratshag from Need More Rage joins Fimlys and Breana as the Twisted Blog of the Week! We have a long discussion on the merits and ease of obtaining PvP gear and ohnoes! The Authenticator is Sold Out! All this and the winner of our commercial contest! Don’t Miss it!


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