Shared Topic: What Class Would You Be In Real Life?

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Unfortunately, the lazy so and so who organises the Shared Topic went on hiatus last week, so there was no Shared Topic post here, nor was there a topic scheduled for this week.  Apologies, folks!  However, last week’s topic was a intriguing one to make up for that, and it will be stretching out over 2 weeks.  Theawakening from A Mage’s Guide To Life asks us to consider what class we would be in real life.  Perhaps even a certain spec!

Theawakening, of course, would be a mage.  I’ll admit I found this a tad perplexing myself at first, so here are just a couple of the reasons he gave why

  • Teleport to wherever you want. Want to sip on tea in England and by night be watching bull fights in Spain? Easy. Imagine being a business person! Expand your company, with ease.
  • Conjuring your own food. When hungry, make yourself a little snack, right out of thin air. Also, through this ability, one might read a god status among men by conjuring food before impoverished countries.

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As always, if there is something you think would make a really great discussion point, go on over to the Blog Azeroth forum and share it.  Authors are encouraged to share their own views on the matter!

8 comments to Shared Topic: What Class Would You Be In Real Life?

  • Hmm interesting question. I’m a mage in the game and yeah to be a mage in real life would be awesome. To have main ports to Europe, Austrailia etc would be freakin insane.

    Too mana people heading for the line up at the grocery store? Frost nova/blink FTW.

    Mage table would definately have to make chocolate brownies and diet pepsi:)

    WOW my mind is going crazy with all the wonderful things I could do. Cool topic for sure.

  • Mike

    “Unfortunately, the lazy so and so who organises the Shared Topic went on hiatus last week”

    This was said in fun, I think? Hard to tell in print. Would seem kind of harsh, otherwise.

  • Hey, really enjoying seeing everyone’s thoughts on this topic. It has inspired my blog post of today.

    To summarise I like to think I am a caring priest, I want the ability to teleport and make food appear from nothing, but others would probably compare me to something slightly different …

  • What would you ever want to be other then a mage?
    You can be an engineering mage if you like.

    *Note. Ressurection is prone to failure. Please wait for cooldown on jumper cables to finish and try again until satisfactory.