Episode 40 – Moony Cow

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image This week we have an mad interview with the insane cow himself…Bob…oh crap…I mean Llanion from Mad Cow Chronicles!  Also, Bre makes a sad announcement.

General News

Much 3.1 news and Bre says good-bye to TNB for a while. Nibuca is taking over the reins.  Watch out people, she is a lock and isn’t afraid of using DoTs!

Hot Topics from the Nether!

And if you have missed them, here are a few posts from bloggers about 3.1:

Twisted Blog of the Week and Guest-Llanion from Mad Cow Chronicles!

The effercent Llanion is as funny as he is informative.  Check out a bit of his about page:

Madness? Well… yes!

Welcome to Mooonfire, a blog for Druids Tauren folks who PVP who raid who cook who like fiction PEOPLE WHO CAN READ, OKAY?.

This blog really doesn’t have a theme beyond “Look at this, this is neat.” It’s gone from the original purpose of being “BigRedKitty for the Druid crowd” to “Wallpaper, cooking, fiction, ranting, PVP strategy, LinuxWoW guides…”

One thing still stands, though- the original line that was on this page fifteen months ago:

Herein are contained notes on quests, fights, add-ons, equations, and gnomes.

Oh, those deliciously-kickable gnomes.

Side note:

Phaedria, author of that amazing audio RP story entitled Inadra’s Tale we featured all the way back in episode 16 (check ep. show notes for links to audio) has started a blog!  Quick! All fans of kick ass stories and great RP, run not walk and add this girl to your feeder.

Next week…

We have Graylo from Gray Matter.  If you have questions for him, feel free to send them our way!

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