Wiki Tiki Utility: El’s Extreme Anglin’

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With patch 3.1’s new fishing dailies giving adventurer-fishers everywhere a shot at bags of fishing treasures (some valuable, some useful, some both), there’s never been a better time for WoW characters to put down that polearm and pick up that pole… fishing pole, that is. “But Stop,” I can hear some of you saying, “I don’t have a dagblasted clue how to fish!” Well, the inaugural edition of TNB’s newest feature, the Wiki Tiki Utility, is here to help – by pointing you to El’s Extreme Anglin’, your one-stop learn-to-fish shop!

El is a very crafty gnome – she’s your hook-up for all the basics, from how to get started with fishing to skill-training hotspots. Learn what the most stylin’ fishers are wearing this season, and find out what kind of achievements you can reel in! You can even toss a line out to your fellow anglers-in-training or more advanced fisherfolk at El’s Extreme Anglin’s forums.

Written in an easy-to-understand (and in-character!) style, El’s Extreme Anglin’ is a fantastic utility site for any WoW player looking to get started with the relaxing art of fishing. Crack open a metaphorical cold one, grab that trusty fishing pole, and go catch yourself a whopper – with help from El and her amazing pool of fishing know-how.

Wonder if I can fish up any more puns…

Mondays are Wiki Tiki Utility days here at TNB! Stop from The Stoppable Force highlights a resource from the Twisted Nether Wiki’s Big List of WoW Utilities, hopefully giving you a nice boost to your Intellect – or at least your skill at World of Warcraft. If you’ve got a utility you’d like to see listed on the wiki, or one you’d like to nominate for the Wiki Tiki Utility post, please send an email to stop AT twistednether DOT net with the subject “Wiki Tiki Utility”!

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