Shared Topic: How Would You Distribute the Legendary?

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This week, Veneretio from has posed an intriguing problem for the bloggers of Blog Azeroth to puzzle over

It’s no secret that there’s going to be a legendary healing mace in Ulduar. The challenge for this topic is: How would you determine who gets this item? Be sure to indicate what loot system your guild currently uses in raids to distribute items as I think it’ll be particularly interesting to see how many people believe epics should be looted one way and legendaries another.

Several bloggers this week have heeded the call, with the following bloggers posting entries

Lissanna at Restokin 

“*starts singing* These purples do me no F*ing good, nothing like an orange legendary would. I smell a g-kick! I’m your basic druid looking for a guild… 55 purples good with any build!

Belghast at Tales of the Aggronaut 

Honestly the issue of deciding who is going to get the Fragment of Val’anyr is something that somewhat “snuck up” on us and is fixing to “bite us in the butt”.  We stand on the precipice of our first Ulduar raid tonight, and the issue is still very much under discussion.  I feel confident that the officers will hash out something throughout the day and make our professional-esc decision before we start the invites tonight.

Garen and Andrea at Altoholics R Us

Generally you’d think that any lootable item would simply fall into your guild’s current loot system. However, this is not always true. Every now and again special circumstances are considered in a situation

Trustyn at The Elitists

There is a bit of a talk going around about the weapon of legendary proportions. A legendary healing mace is now possible through getting 30 fragments and doing a nice and long quest chain. As a fan of loot council I would start off with a much theorycrafting as possible.

There has also been some parallel discussion going on about which classes the weapon would be best suited for, with entries posted at Restokin and Nerf This Druid.

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