Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Lissanna of Restokin

Welcome to Lissanna of Restokin!

Lissanna has taken the blog world by storm. If you’ve done research about Restro droos or Boomkeks in the last three months (or even Ferlols!), odds are you’ve stumbled upon Lissanna’s site. Updated constantly, always informative, fresh and well-done, she’s a powerhouse of Druid information. Not only that, but she […]

Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Sideshow and Syrana of…Sideshow and Syrana!

Welcome to Sideshow and Syrana of Sideshow and Syrana!

Repetitious redundancy is redundantly repetitive, but it’s true, the owners and operators of the blog Sideshow and Syrana are Sideshow, the Undead Rogue, and Syrana, the Blood Elf Warlock. They’re a husband and wife team who have been playing since pre-BC. Though Syrana’s first level 70 […]

Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Ariedan of The Wordy Warrior

Welcome to Ariedan of The Wordy Warrior!

This brand-new blog has exploded onto the blogging scene with attitude and knowledge, a great combination. The author, a warrior of great skill, lays the wit on thick for truly enjoyable reads that still do a great job putting forth important information. In real life, she hates onions. […]

Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Beruthiel of Falling Leaves and Wings

Welcome to Beruthiel of Falling Leaves and Wings!

This blogger is super fresh-and-new, having just started posting in March of this year (still has that new blog smell!). She has plenty of experience in the game, however, having played since shortly after the game was released. Originally a hunter, seeking refuge in her PvP druid […]

Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Trustyn from Zap!

Welcome to Trustyn of Zap! – The Elitist, Hardcore Blog!

This guy does a lot. In asking him for some background information for this post, I received a decent shock at just how much this author has on his plate, and how much he is doing. Besides his blog (which I will get to officially […]