Addonation – Healbot

Despite it’s name, HealBot (Now called HealBot Continued) is by no means a bot. HealBot is a raid frames addon that collects your party or raid information into a small localized window that can be reshaped and moved around your screen at your will. It has numerous skins that can be customized depends on your [...]

Miss Saresa’s Secret Santa (aka Blog Azeroth Kris Kringle)

(A Message from Blog Azeroth… c/o Gnomaggedon)

Some silly Gnome had a silly idea about the silly season.

Throw your name into a hat to give and receive a Secret Santa blog post.

Miss Saresa came to the rescue and organized the 1st Annual Miss Saresa’s Secret Santa.

There are [...]

TNB is Going Inside!

Today (sorry for the late notice), Nibuca and Fimlys will be guests on the WoWInsider show,’s weekly podcast! We’re going to be talking patch 3.2.2 and 3.2.2a (I think) and also take some time to talk about our newest endeavor, Azeroth United.

We’ve talked about it on a show a little (well, in [...]

TNB Live Thursday 8/27 9:30pm PST – Blizzcon 09 Round Table

Join us Thursday evening at 9:30PM PST (yeah, I’m posting this on Thursday.. It’s tonight!) as we are joined by Brajana from Mend Pet, Brigwyn from WoW.Com and The Hunting Lodge and Hydrargyrum from Almost Evil. They all attended the event this year along with Fimlys and Nibuca. Lots of talk about what we [...]

Back from the Con

Hey! Thanks to everyone that participated in our TNB liveblogs. We had a great turnout. If you haven’t gone to see it already, Twisted Nether has a Flickr stream.. Lots of Blizzcon ‘09 Pictures up. I’ve got pictures from the meetup. I have pictures from OUR TNB meetup! Go take a look! Here are [...]

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