Liveblog Test

Ok.. This here is a test of the liveblogging we will be doing at Blizzcon! Feel free to play around 🙂

Test TNBTwitter

TNB Live Thursday 7/23 9:30pm PST – Mike Schramm of

Join us Thursday evening at 9:30PM PST as we talk with Mike Schramm of WoW.Com (the site formerly known as WoW Insider) and other projects. Join the fun in our live chat room! When is it?: This live show is scheduled for Thursday July 23th at 9:30pm PST (12:30 am EST). Not sure what […]

We’ve Been Redesigned

Yes! You heard right. If you are reading this on a feed reader, you need to come check it out! Nibuca and I spent a bunch of time working on the site and this is what we came up with.  I hope you like it. Let us know! Any ideas or suggestions that […]

TNB Live – Will Podcast For Healz

Thursday! LIVE! TNB! Be there! Or else! (I’m not sure "or else what".. but OR ELSE!!) This Twisted Nether Blogcast will be recorded live and you can participate! Join us as we talk with Dezdemone of Will Tank For Healz. We’ll chat about Tankering and Bloggering and all that other Stuffs. Come have a […]

TNB Live – This Time It’s Gray Matter!

Come join us for this special event! That’s right! The next Twisted Nether Blogcast interview will be recorded live and you can participate! Join us as we interview the man who puts the Boom in Boomkin Graylo from from Gray Matter.


When is it?: The show is scheduled for Thursday, April 23th at […]

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