Addonation Extra – Advanced PowerAuras Traning

As promised here are a few screenshots I took just prior to the recording of last weeks Addonation Segment on TNB.

This just serves to highlight the import and export functionality of PowerAuras (one of the greatest mods ever written!!)

As mentioned in the segment, you can go to the PowerAuras Wiki (as well as […]

Resource Site Spotlight – WoW Interface

Despite the fact that Curse gets a great deal of attention, and I point a finger at myself for this (see the Addonation segment at the close of each TNB show), there is a very viable alternative source for World of Warcraft addons out there on the internetherz…

And that source is WoW Interface ( […]

Addonation – Healbot

Despite it’s name, HealBot (Now called HealBot Continued) is by no means a bot. HealBot is a raid frames addon that collects your party or raid information into a small localized window that can be reshaped and moved around your screen at your will. It has numerous skins that can be customized depends on your […]

Addon: Multishot (Screenshot)

Cross-posted from Mystic Chicanery, Nib’s blog.

Last show Fim and I discussed that we’d like to have an Addon review.. and well.. I do that already on my blog.. so I’ve decided to go ahead and crosspost those reviews here on TNB. If anyone else is interested in posting addon reviews please contact us at […]