Blog Azeroth Shared Topic – When Wrath Was Young

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It’s time for another Blog Azeroth Shared Topic! This week, Jaedia from The Lazy Sniper suggested we take a stroll down memory lane and write about our experiences from back in the day, back when Wrath was young.

I have an idea for a blog post which is basically looking back to the beginning of Wrath. Memories of how I felt, what I did, things I discovered, things I now miss. I’m interested to see a few other responses however, what are your fondest memories from the beginning of this expansion?

Sharing their memories are

Next week’s Shared Topic will take us in the opposite direction! Looking forward, we’ll be speculating on what will happen in Azeroth after Arthas faces defeat. Should you like to join in on this week’s or next week’s (or any week’s, really) Shared Topic, head over the the Shared Topic forum on Blog Azeroth.

This was Ophelie, filling in once again for Saresa.

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  • Ooops, in my haste to send the post before my 10 minutes of hotel internet ran out, I completely forgot to mention the title of the shared topic! It was actually “Looking Back”, but “When Wrath was Young” sounds really good too!