Shared Topic – Surviving PvE as (a Melee) DPS

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The Shared Topic going on last week was suggested by Skip Cocoa from More Bars Than You. Upon becoming a full fledged level 80 DPS feral druid, he began pondering the deep question : How do I stay alive? He then invited the rest of us to share our own tricks and tips on staying alive as melee DPS.

Death Knights, Feral Druids, Ret Paladins, Rogues, Enhancement Shaman and Fury/Arms Warriors, how do you keep your Melee DPS up and kicking for the entire fight? Gear, talents, tactics, etc. If you don’t, what frustrations of your class make it such a painful challenge, and what do you do to extend your up time or make it count?

Since this topic could potentially exclude a lot of bloggers, Shared Topic participants were encouraged to adapt it however they felt comfortable.

Sharing their melee DPS wisdom are:

Providing a slightly different perspective:

  • Kae from Dreambound Druid contributes a message from your healers, encouraging you to follow the advice given by our melee DPS survival experts.
  • Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon offers some tips on surviving the game when you fail to survive as a melee DPS.
  • Thakarron from Track…Knowledge? suggests way hunters can help their melee counterparts survive. After all, raiding is a team sport!

After reflecting on our gameplay this week, next week’s Shared Topic will bring us outside the game. When we can’t (or don’t want to) play WoW, what do we do with our free time? Come and prove that WoW players do have rich lives outside of WoW by checking out the thread at Blog Azeroth and taking part in the Shared Topic! If you would prefer to join in on any other topic (or you just want to do them all), feel free to browse the Shared Topic forum whenever!

This was Ophelie, usurping this week’s Shared Topic writeup.

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