And The Counting Shall Be 2

Wow. I still can’t believe that we are coming up on our 2 year anniversary of the first episode! I think that was also our shortest episode ever. Way back in 2008, Bre and I had this idea. How about we create a podcast that talks about the WoW blogosphere? We took it and.. […]

Big Crits – Week 1

The first episode of Big Crits, the raiding guild web show by Stoneybaby, is available right now on their website with week 2 coming soon. Here is the description from the website:

Week 1 is about getting used to a new guild and a new group of people. Normally when you join a raiding […]

Ninth Pilots – Look Out Below…

Whoa.. Whoa.. and again I say … WHOA! Why? I dunno.. I just like typing whoa… Anyway! We have a special treat for you this week! Remember, way… way.. back when Ninth Batter was on the show? We talked about him putting together a little weekly “radio” show for our little podcast? Well, he […]

Sloof Lirpa 2010

Thank you all that “participated” in the fun yesterday! Yes, unfortunately for some, the Twisted Republic Blogcast is, at least so far, just an April Fools joke. We hope you enjoyed it.. (especially the little Yoda)

We should be all back to normal and the 2 posts we had from the April Fools stuffs are […]

Welcome to the Twisted Republic Blogcast!

Well, you’ve probably seen it coming. WoW is getting old. We’re getting tired of the grind. Patch after Patch after Patch. Cataclysm? BAH! It’s not going to fix anything! 5 more levels? Who needs em? Redoing the whole old world of Azeroth? Who asked for that? More instances, more raids, Paths of the Titans? […]

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