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Despite it’s name, HealBot (Now called HealBot Continued) is by no means a bot. HealBot is a raid frames addon that collects your party or raid information into a small localized window that can be reshaped and moved around your screen at your will. It has numerous skins that can be customized depends on your needs. Mine is the default list of five or ten names. It fits snug right next to PallyPower.

Healbot.3As a Holy Paladin, I absolutely adore HealBot. It turns the button mashing of healing into an art of keyboard and mouse combinations. There are numerous combinations of buttons available. Personally I use the left, middle, and right mouse buttons. I customize this to include the Shift key with any of these buttons. That gives me Flash of Light (Left Click), Holy Shock (Middle Click) and Holy Light (Right Click) for my most used spells. Along with these I include Beacon of Light (Shift Left Click), Sacred Shield (Shift Middle Click) and Lay on Hands (Shift Right Click). You can also use the key combinations to target other party members, or even setup a one click Assist command. 

Healbot.1Speaking of Beacon of Light, one of the things that I like the most about HealBot has got to be that it tracks who I’ve casted Beacon on. In fact, it can also track Sacred Shield and the Flash of Light Buff. In addition to all of this, it even counts down so that you know when to reapply these spells! This has been extremely useful to me in raids and dungeons.

Healbot.2You will also no doubt notice in the screenshots another cool feature of HealBot: It tracks raid marks. Whenever a party or raid member gets marked via Deadly Boss Mods or another addon, HealBot updates to show the marking. This is awesome! When Lord Jaraxxus casts Incinerate Flames, I don’t care what the name of the person is; I care about getting them healed up. With this feature, I don’t have to waste time trying to find a name in a list, all I’ve got to do is blow up the skull with a bunch of heals. This also helps if you happen to be in a PUG or just started raiding. Ask the raid leader to toss some marks onto the tanks you’re supposed to be healing and you will have no problem keeping the tanks up.

Healbot.6HealBot has a great number of features, and to talk about them all would make this review go on and on. There are some healers who swear by Grid or Clique or any other number of raid frames. For me, HealBot is the number one choice for my Paladin healing. I encourage any healers, especially first time to healers, to give HealBot as fair of a chance as Grid or Clique. If you learn how to use it correctly, this addon could become a staple in your raiding interface.

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2 comments to Addonation – Healbot

  • Just a small note – clique is not a set of raid frames, it is simply the addon which allows click-casting and can be used with *any* raid frames. The ‘other’ staple healing frames at the moment seems to be VuhDo which is, apparently, also a little easier to set up than grid – so people might want to check that out, too.

    Nice article, though, I’ve not seen any on setting up healbot, personally, so it’s nice to see a quick, decent explanation for those who choose that addon =)


    • Thanks for the positive feedback! I didn’t mean to imply that Clique was a frames addon, and probably meant more about the notion of, “Grid+Clique.”

      I tried VuhDo, but I think that I was too spoiled from Healbot and got lost in the setup. I’ve switched to Grid+Clique in my latest incarnation of my UI. I haven’t raided with it yet, so we’ll see how this goes.