Shared Topic: Does Your Toon Have a Soul?

This week’s Shared Topic is brought to us by Warpy of The Warlock’s Den, and ponders whether your character has a soul or a mind of its own.

Even if you’re not a role-player, you may have noticed your toons having their own personalities and preferences. My dwarf hunter, for example, is one of those [...]

Shared Topic: What Three Achievements Are You Most Proud Of?

This week’s Shared Topic comes from Saithir of The Angry Dwarfs, and asks bloggers to consider which three achievements they have completed that they are most proud of.  For many bloggers, this is a big ask, with so many dedicated achievement grabbers out there!  Saithir issued the following challenge

I’ve had this question ringing in [...]

The Blog Azeroth Shared Topic

Hi! For those of you who don’t know me, I am Saresa from Destructive Reach. However, I am writing here (thanks Fim and Bre!) as a moderator of the Blog Azeroth forums to reintroduce the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, a great concept that has been around for a long time, but has fallen by [...]

Shared Topic: What Kind of Class are You?

This week’s Shared Topic was suggested by Druid author Sydera of the World of Matticus and is entitled “What kind of class are you?” She suggests that authors create a multi-question quiz to determine what kind of <INSERT YOUR CLASS HERE> your visitors are! She’s even provided a sample question to help you get started:


Shared Topic: Can Another MMO Threaten WoW?

While Wrath of the Lich King apathy has certainly contributed to many guilds’ difficulties fielding numbers for TBC raid content, a second factor in raiding truancy is probably the recent release of Warhammer Online. Produced by Mythic Entertainment, Warhammer Online is probably a better contender for permanent customer theft than this year’s earlier release of [...]

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