Shared Topic: What If There Were WoW Lobbyists?

This week at Blog Azeroth we get all political!  Euripides of OutDPS muses upon the following point

The US hunting and gun lobby is quite powerful. The US Fish and Wildlife Service says 12.5 million people hunted (in real life) in the US in 2006. The number of WOW players has reached [...]

Shared Topic: Humour in WoW

Shopshopshop of Runeforge Gossip has suggested a doozie of a Shared Topic for this week, which is guaranteed to have you ROFLing and LOLing and every other acronym-ing all over the place: Humour in WoW and how it affects the game.

Since I can remember, Blizzard has always inserted the odd pop culture reference [...]

Shared Topic: Being Aware of your Surroundings During Raids

We have all been there, whether it be on the dying side or the ‘watch what you are doing!’ side.  Void zones.  Fire walls.  Other massive blobs of certain doom that appear on the screen.  One thing that people always get irate about is people not watching their surroundings during raids, so it is [...]

Shared Topic: Non-Healers Views on Healers

This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic was suggested by Nigiri from Adventures of a Priest 

Nigiri asks:

“I would love to read blogger’s thoughts on who they like to have heal them. Would you prefere a Holy priest of a Disc priest? A Holy pally or a Resto druid. Shammy maybe? As a disc [...]

Shared Topic: Deconstructing Your Favourite Quest

This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic was suggested by Spinks of Spinksville, and asks us to dig back to our school skills and deconstruct our favourite quest. 

"Go on, choose any quest from WoW and explain what it’s saying. You say you can see behind the curtain: show us. I want the art, [...]

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