Shared Topic: What Three Achievements Are You Most Proud Of?

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This week’s Shared Topic comes from Saithir of The Angry Dwarfs, and asks bloggers to consider which three achievements they have completed that they are most proud of.  For many bloggers, this is a big ask, with so many dedicated achievement grabbers out there!  Saithir issued the following challenge

I’ve had this question ringing in my head for a while now. As it seems, it has been a topic on the US Warcraft forums (which I didn’t know even existed before the WI article), and it even become a Breakfast Topic on WoW Insider some days ago, so I guess that I’m not the only one that had that idea. And I think that’s a really good question to ask. After all, we’re doing these achievements, and not all of these are even remotely hard to get. Still, I don’t think it’s easy to choose one of them, so how about three? Let’s try that! :]

This topic has drawn a huge response from the community, with many bloggers jumping on the bandwagon to ponder what their three favourite achievements are.

Trustyn from The Elitists explores this in a unique way, highlighting the difficulty of the meta achievements and the struggle involved.

Naissa from Naissa’s Rage talks about her three favourite achievements and why they appeal to her – not always what you would expect!

Skarrde from Tank 2 Heals shares the achievements that he is currently working on, and something he thinks should be an achievement.

Athryn from Athryn’s Tier discusses cutting back on the achievement grabbing, and what 3 (of many!) are the best ones of all.

It’s great to see the community embracing the Shared Topic, but it can not continue without your help!  if there is something you think would make a really great discussion point, go on over to the Blog Azeroth forum and share it.  Also, make sure you check the Shared Topic each week to see what’s happening.

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