Shared Topic: <insert class here>tards

Gnomer from Armaggedon’s Coming came up with a fun and entertaining Shared Topic for the Blog Azeroth Community this week:  the <insert class here> tard.

We have all heard of the term Huntard, and we all know what it means, and know one of them.  However, what about the people who do not ‘know how [...]

Shared Topic Two-in-One! Guild Exclusion Policies and the CPP

This week, we have a look at two Shared Topics all at once.  Why?  Well, last week was a lazy week, and both the topics over the last fortnight did not garner as much participation as usual, so there would have been two very brief posts.

The first Shared Topic was suggested by Stabs of [...]

Shared Topic: What is a Good Guild?

This week’s Shared Topic is a question which I am sure many WoW players  posed by Copra of Bullcopra 

Noticed that there was already a nice topic about defining ‘good player’ in WoW. However, now I’m seeing more and more trade channel, general channel and even LFG channel SHOUTS "LF good guild!", and the only [...]

Shared Topic: How Would You Distribute the Legendary?

This week, Veneretio from has posed an intriguing problem for the bloggers of Blog Azeroth to puzzle over

It’s no secret that there’s going to be a legendary healing mace in Ulduar. The challenge for this topic is: How would you determine who gets this item? Be sure to indicate what loot system your [...]

Shared Topic: What Class Would You Be In Real Life?

Unfortunately, the lazy so and so who organises the Shared Topic went on hiatus last week, so there was no Shared Topic post here, nor was there a topic scheduled for this week.  Apologies, folks!  However, last week’s topic was a intriguing one to make up for that, and it will be stretching out over [...]

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