Shared Topic: REfer-a-Friend

This week’s Shared Topic is brought to us by The Wrathbringer of Metal Up Your WoW and is entitled simply "Refer-a-Friend." Blizzard and the player community are all abuzz at the recent announcement of the Refer-a-Friend program, a system that lets a player earn a unicorn-esque Zhevra mount by encouraging someone they know to sign [...]

SHARED TOPIC: Most outrageous guild applications

This week’s Shared Topic comes from Cathmor of Eye for an Eye and asks authors to share their most humorous, interesting, or off-the-wall guild applications. In his own words:

Whether you’re a guild officer or a grunt, a GM or a rank-and-file, if your guild accepts applications for membership you’ve probably seen a few of [...]

Shared Topic: Well, I never …

In this season of preparation for Wrath of the Lich King — or, as Anna calls it, Wrath of the Itch King — it’s the perfect time to push outside of your personal comfort zone to try something new and exciting. This week’s Shared Topic encourages you to do that! It’s entitled “Well, I [...]

Shared Topic: What you need to know about [Class]

This week’s Shared Topic is brought to you by Aos of Flux and encourages blog authors to write a primer of things to know about their class. To quote the original post where he describes his idea:

It’s a conversation with you and someone who doesn’t want to know your class specifics. They just want [...]

Shared Topic: Why do we WoW?

This week’s Shared Topic was suggested by BinaryMuse who found inspiration in Part Time Druid’s post, where he asked,

Why do we WoW?

Whether it’s a sense of accomplishment, the relationships we build, the challenges the game presents, what is it about WoW that keeps you logging back in? Tell us about it!

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