Shared Topic: <insert class here>tards

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Gnomer from Armaggedon’s Coming came up with a fun and entertaining Shared Topic for the Blog Azeroth Community this week:  the <insert class here> tard.

We have all heard of the term Huntard, and we all know what it means, and know one of them.  However, what about the people who do not ‘know how to play’ in the other classes?  What do they look like?  What do we call them?  How can we identify one of these players who is so heinously bad that we need to come up with a name especially for people like them?

Responding to the call this week were the following (with some excellent ideas of their own… except maybe for that last blogtard there on the list!)

Shopshopshop at Runeforge Gossip with ‘How Not to be a Fail Knight’

Nigiri at Adventures of a Priest with ‘I Feel like a Priestard’

Aeltyr at Runed Death with ‘Deathtard’

Myself at Destructive Reach with ‘Did You Just Spot that Locktard?’

Keep the Shared Topics coming folks!  Next week’s Shared Topic challenges you to deconstruct your favourite quest, and was suggested by Spinks of Spinksville.  If you have an idea for a Shared Topic, or wish to perhaps write about one on your blog, remember to visit the Blog Azeroth forums!

2 comments to Shared Topic: <insert class here>tards

  • My hubby and I came up with one last night. He was on his paladin, and I was playing my priest.. he started calling himself a Palanoob. XD

  • nineblades

    i would come up with a witty one, but im pretty sure hannelore has described them all with excrutiating detail already 😛