Shared Topic Two-in-One! Guild Exclusion Policies and the CPP

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This week, we have a look at two Shared Topics all at once.  Why?  Well, last week was a lazy week, and both the topics over the last fortnight did not garner as much participation as usual, so there would have been two very brief posts.

The first Shared Topic was suggested by Stabs of Death Knight Spree, and takes a look at the Consumer-Producer Paradigm and how this is demonstrated in WoW.  What is the Consumer-Producer Paradigm, you ask?  Well, to give you a brief taste…

“CPP (the Consumer-Producer Paradigm) is a new paradigm that views participants in a MMO as consumers or producers. It is actually more relevant and useful to see players in terms of whether they are consumers or producers than almost any of the preceding paradigms.”

Stabs goes on to explore this issue in great depth over a series of posts, but other bloggers have also made great contributions to the discussion!

Larisa at Pink Pigtail Inn looks at this paradigm from her own perspective

Spinks at Spinksville offers an interesting and practical slant on this topic

The second Shared Topic was suggested by Xelaneo of Holy Fire Spec, and looks at guild exclusion policies.  Some guilds exclude people for various reasons (whether that be age, gender or anything else), and there is often a great deal of debate over these policies.

Trystyn at The Elitists had a look at his own guild’s policy on women in the guild.

Graylo at Grey Matter takes a realist’s approach to the issue.

As always, if you have a contribution to make to the Shared Topic, feel free to log on to the Blog Azeroth Forum.  Next week’s Shared Topic is ‘<insert class here>tards’, which is guaranteed to produce some interesting discussion.  If you have something to say about that topic, again, have a look at the Blog Azeroth Forum!

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