Shared Topic: Deconstructing Your Favourite Quest

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This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic was suggested by Spinks of Spinksville, and asks us to dig back to our school skills and deconstruct our favourite quest. 

"Go on, choose any quest from WoW and explain what it’s saying. You say you can see behind the curtain: show us. I want the art, not the craft."
So the topic is: talk about your favourite quest, questline, or zone and why you love it so much. Is it the theme? The way it eases characters from one hub to the next? The atmosphere? The cute? The story?”

Spinks wrote two posts addressing this (for extra credit!), and was originally inspired by this post from Massively.

And this week’s contributors are!

Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut

Nigiri from Adventures of a Priest

Saresa from Destructive Reach

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Next week’s Shared Topic is: Non Healer’s View of Healers (and vice versa!), suggested by Nigiri.

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