Episode 100 – The Amazing, Incredible 100th Episode Special of Blue Bawls and Tea Lights

100_01 We’ve made it to Episode 100 but we’re not done yet! Don’t let the length of this show fool you it is STILL full of awesomeness! We have some amazing Round Table guests: Rilandune from Heroically Random, Bre from Game Loving Geek Chick, Matticus from World of Matticus and the one, the only, BRK joins us also! We’ve even got some super secret special guests that stop by to chat with us at the end of the show. You really don’t want to miss this epic TNB! (And no, you don’t want to know what the title means)

Spoiler Alert! We Talk About Cataclysm


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We’re Turning 100!


Yes! It’s true. Episode 100 is just around the corner (actually, tomorrow) and we just wanted to remind all of you that we’re having a really awesome Round Table/Guest Appreciation show! We’ve got a great lineup of guests for the round table discussions. BRK from (of course) Big Red Kitty, Matticus from World of Matticus and Bre (the ORIGINAL cohost of TNB) from Game Lovin’ Geek Chick have agreed to join Hydra and Fimlys for a great bit of discussion around, of course, Cataclysm and possibly some other topics brought up by.. who? YOU! If you join us in the chat room during the show you can let us know of topics you want us to talk about and/or questions you have for our guests.

What about this “Guest Appreciation” thing? Well, we’re hoping to have a bunch of our past guests (there have been a LOT of them) in the live chat channel come join us during a special segment where we see how things are going with them! Ask a few questions, etc.

It’s going to be a great time and we really want you to be there to enjoy all the festivities.. Oh! And we’re going to be giving away a few Tickets to see “The Raid” documentary screening and after party at Blizzcon! If you are going to Blizzcon and are interested in going to this event (Saturday night of the conference) send us an email and let us know. You need to be present in the chatroom during the show to win!

When: Saturday, September 4, 2010 – 8pm PDT

Where: Our UStream Channel: http://ustream.tv/channel/twisted-nether-blogcast

Why: Because we’re having a PARTY! And you are invited!

Thank you all so much for all the support you’ve given us over the past episodes and years. We’re eternally grateful and we’d definitely not be where we are today without you, our listeners (and of course everyone that helps with the show, sends bumpers, asks questions, guests, etc).

Resource Site Spotlight – Rawr

Even if you aren’t a hunter, you may have heard of the famous Elitist Jerks Spreadsheet for hunters. It’s a handy tool for identifying gear upgrades and seeing what combination of stats yields the best dps. It is also a source of occasional controversy, because there are those who swear by nothing but the spreadsheet even in the face of dissenting opinions. Regardless, it is a powerful tool, and one that I use frequently.

The EJ resources, however, are not the only source of such information. Rawr is a program that performs a similar function, and does so for every class in the game.


Many gear upgrades are clear. The stats on one item are better, ergo that piece is an upgrade. However, navigating gear decisions becomes trickier when you begin to reach hit or expertise caps, or various soft and hard caps for other stats (Armor Pen. hard cap exists, as do various soft caps for classes on things like crit. and haste). That’s where Rawr comes in handy, doing the math for you. A tour on the front page will walk you through the basics, and it’s not hard to use.

The other thing that Rawr does is show you exactly where your upgrades are in dungeons or raids. Keeping track of every boss and their loot tables on 10M, 25M, hard modes, etc. can be a chore. Rawr can show you exactly what you need, and exactly where it is.

Hardcore numbers junkies may protest such programs or spreadsheets. The formulas aren’t always 100% correct, and the information can occasionally be a little off. However, for the other 99% of us, tools like Rawr can be a godsend, and will do far more good for our endeavors than we could on our own.

On a closing note, this is my last article for Twisted Nether. Real life aggro that prevents me from updating this blog in a timely manner has become a long-term thing. This is a good thing for me, but it means that I have to cut back on my other responsibilities. So my thanks to Fimlys for giving me this gig, my apologies for not being able to fill it longer, my thanks to anyone who has ever read or commented, and a premature congrats to Fim & Co. on their upcoming 100th podcast. Cheers!

The resource site spotlight is a “weekly” blog written by Arthemystia from warcrafthuntersunion.com, in his quest to find every useful WoW website on the internet.

Episode 99 – Party Like Its 99

Episode 99 is here! We’re one episode away from the big 100th Round Table of Super Awesomeness (or something like that). This week, however, we have invited Nicole Spag on the show. Besides, of course, being an avid World of Warcraft gamer, she is the Host/Co-Host on many a podcast including Ladies of Leet, a very cool video game podcast, and Movielicious, a movie podcast! We also have some info on Blizzcon and, as usual, the smattering of news about Cataclysm. Don’t miss it!



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Shared Topic: How Your Class Is Viewed

Anea from Obeying the Muse thought up this week’s topic, asking us how we thought NPCs reacted to our character’s class.

How do you think your class is viewed/treated by NPCs?

This stemmed from a pondering about how my rogue might be viewed/treated by NPCs – after all, if someone calls you “roguish” it really usually isn’t a comment. Would a warlock be treated with a sneer? A priest/paladin with extra respect?

Might this depend on the NPC (a guard, a vendor, flight master, quest giver) and the circumstances?

Participating were:

Strumwulf from Strumwulf’s Page of Stories and Ideas

Ringo Flinthammer of Flinthammer Hall

Daraia of Daughter of Ravenholdt Manor

Anslym of Bag Overflow

Typh of Point Blank AoE

Calsong of Mind Spike

Pndrev of Prime Time Casual

Aaaaand for this week’s Shared Topic, we talk about working together, as a team, in a raid setting. What can different roles do to assist each other? How can dps players help their healers (beyond the obvious not standing in fires)? How can various dps classes help each other perform? Blog about it and share the link in the thread at Blog Azeroth!

A quick peak at other upcoming topics:
What would you change in the UI with Cataclysm?
What mementos have you kept and why?

We’re running really low on Shared Topics, so if there’s a topic you’d love to see discussed across the blogosphere, suggest it over at Blog Azeroth. We love new Topics!

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