Episode 99 – Party Like Its 99

Episode 99 is here! We’re one episode away from the big 100th Round Table of Super Awesomeness (or something like that). This week, however, we have invited Nicole Spag on the show. Besides, of course, being an avid World of Warcraft gamer, she is the Host/Co-Host on many a podcast including Ladies of Leet, a very cool video game podcast, and Movielicious, a movie podcast! We also have some info on Blizzcon and, as usual, the smattering of news about Cataclysm. Don’t miss it!



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Shared Topic: How Your Class Is Viewed

Anea from Obeying the Muse thought up this week’s topic, asking us how we thought NPCs reacted to our character’s class.

How do you think your class is viewed/treated by NPCs?

This stemmed from a pondering about how my rogue might be viewed/treated by NPCs – after all, if someone calls you “roguish” it really usually isn’t a comment. Would a warlock be treated with a sneer? A priest/paladin with extra respect?

Might this depend on the NPC (a guard, a vendor, flight master, quest giver) and the circumstances?

Participating were:

Strumwulf from Strumwulf’s Page of Stories and Ideas

Ringo Flinthammer of Flinthammer Hall

Daraia of Daughter of Ravenholdt Manor

Anslym of Bag Overflow

Typh of Point Blank AoE

Calsong of Mind Spike

Pndrev of Prime Time Casual

Aaaaand for this week’s Shared Topic, we talk about working together, as a team, in a raid setting. What can different roles do to assist each other? How can dps players help their healers (beyond the obvious not standing in fires)? How can various dps classes help each other perform? Blog about it and share the link in the thread at Blog Azeroth!

A quick peak at other upcoming topics:
What would you change in the UI with Cataclysm?
What mementos have you kept and why?

We’re running really low on Shared Topics, so if there’s a topic you’d love to see discussed across the blogosphere, suggest it over at Blog Azeroth. We love new Topics!

Resource Site Spotlight - Warcraft Mounts

Being admin. of a vent channel has its perks. Booting brash PuGs, confusing people by switching their channel arbitrarily, and similarly abusive exercises of power. And, as my guild-mates have recently learned, temporarily banning anyone who sarcastically suggests that I “ride their rocket.” Yes, the X-53 Touring Rocket, one the newest mounts available, has opened the floodgates for levels of innuendo that you won’t find anywhere outside of Barrens chat.

I do not collect mounts. I still ride the pink chicken thing that Silvermoon sold me when I was a baby hunter. But Cataclysm approaches, raid attendance across many servers falters, and people are left circling the drain with boredom (or, more likely, circling Dalaran). Rep grinds, gold farming (not the dirty kind) and mount collecting are all ways players find to pass the time until new content opens up.


Probably the most complimentary thing I can say about Warcraft Mounts is that is doesn’t try to do too much. It has lists of all available mounts, can break them into subsections, and tells you exactly how to obtain them. And that’s really about it. But for a mount farmer, it’s a handy tool, and for the rest of us it can be a fun way to browse potential mounts to look for ones that we may want someday (the only mount I legitimately pine for, for example, is the Phoenix mount from the old BC Sunwell raid).

So good luck to mount collectors, I hope this helps. Now go hop on your Big Love Rocket (shown below), and be sure to make it as awkward as possible for your friends.

The resource site spotlight is a “weekly” blog written by Arthemystia from warcrafthuntersunion.com, in his quest to find every useful WoW website on the internet.

Episode 98 - Metamorphosis

It’s a time for change and changes are a-coming. Along with announcing that we’re moving the live recording night to Saturday, this episode is a bittersweet one for us here at Twisted Nether. Our very own Nibuca is taking a break from WoW and feels that she can no longer co-host the show. However, Hydra from Almost Evil has been recruited by the Star League.. Oh wait.. She’s been recruited to take up Nibs Cohosting mantle and we know she is going to do an awesome job. Besides that, Hydra is our “guest” this week and we talk about, you guessed it, Cataclysm. There is a little other news and we’ve got a couple of emails and such. Changes can be difficult.



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Resource Site Spotlight - WoW Heroes

WoW Heroes is a useful site that pulls a lot of quirky functionality into one location. It is not a cover-all site, but can be great for comparison purposes.


A quick search will bring up your character, complete with gems, enchants, your raid progression, achievements, etc. If your gems and chants are suboptimal, the site will recommend better ones for you.

One tab over you’ll find the “Compare” tool, which lets you view your character side by side with another. This is great to check out guildies who might need help, compare yourself to well-known or accomplished players in your class, or just for bragging rights.

The guild tab can let you view gear scores for an entire guild (a la GearScore add-ons), and browse the guild for professions. And the Realm tab can be used in much the same way as sites like WoW Progress (featured quite a while ago here in a resource article). It tracks your boss kills and achievements, and ranks guilds within a given realm.  I found my own guild’s progress to be missing achievements from the last couple weeks, but it was otherwise up-to-date on my character and guild.

Other features such as a hit calculator and forums are also handy tools. The result is that WoW Heroes is an excellent site to compare yourself and your guild to a host of others, which can be informative or just fun.

The resource site spotlight is a “weekly” blog written by Arthemystia from warcrafthuntersunion.com, in his quest to find every useful WoW website on the internet.

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