Resource Site Spotlight – TotalBiscuit / TotalHalibut YouTube Channel

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I am fully aware of the seemingly odd choice I made for this weeks Spotlight. Having a YouTube channel as a resource for World of Warcraft is not the most conventional idea, however this particular YouTube channel has become a staple of my WoW news routine, and even a daily one which amazes me.

During it’s running I listened to, like many folks, WoW Radio. I tune in for The Cynical Brit, not regularly honestly, but often enough. I have even watched some Starcraft Shoutcasts by this weeks Spotlight creator, despite the fact I have never played Starcraft. I am of course talking about TotalBiscuit.

TotalBiscuit, or TB, contributes a great deal of content to the WoW community, he always has. The specific focus of this article will be his YouTube channel – TotalHalibut. (I know theres a story behind the name, cannot remember it for the life of me)

The video that I feel is of particular importance to you, the WoW community, is Azeroth Daily. TB produces a daily video show with audio overlay of that days news and events in the World of Warcraft. It sits somewhere in the range of 15 minutes, so it is a very comfortable watching length. It is chock full of TB’s typical wit, humor, and cynicism, and gives a great overview of the daily goings-on in WoW. The blue posts, patch notes, forum highlights section of the videos is my particular favorite, as I have not ventured onto the official forums since 2006, so very often if I have not checked my RSS feed from sites like MMO Champion, I have no idea what the “Blues” are up to.

There is often times when producing something in audio content that is of a news topic is quite difficult, likewise it is often tricky to convey a certain degree of humor in a written post. Video covers both of those failings rather well. And TB is a master, there is no doubt. Honestly, his voice alone sells it. He has certainly been blessed with the girpping tones of professional radio man. From Britain, which is just an unfair advantage over boring-accented Americans such as myself.

Here ist oday’s “Azeroth Daily” – I highly recommend you watch it and then head over to the TotalHalibut YouTube channel and add this site to your Resource Repertoire.



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