Resource Site Spotlight – WoW Dig Site

Diggers of the dirt, finders of the fossils, surveyors of the sands – I promised you in a previous Spotlight that I would feature an Archaeology site as soon as I found one. Thanks to our good friends Medros and Shade, hosts of the All Things Azeroth podcast, for mentioning this site in a recent episode, I have found one, so to speak.

WoW Dig Site is content rich, well laid out, easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eye. It is quite literally everything I wanted to see in an Archaeology resource site. The posts are informative, written well, feature great screenshots and photo’s. There is a great deal of news relating to the profession, to addons concerning the profession, and to the general Archaeology community.

The content creator, Uriah, has done a fantastic job with this site and has given a great deal of consideration to the overall layout and design of the site, in addition to the content, which is the hallmark of a good, well-rounded web 2.0 (I actually hate this terminology) website.

If nothing else, you owe it to yourselves to check out WoW Dig Site for the guides Uriah has written. They do well to explain the profession and it’s “ins and outs” to avoid those unfortunate frustrations at the beginning of learning any profession and not fully grasping the mechanics. So whether or not you plan on leveling your Archaeology, you truly should head over to WoW Dig Site, just to get a taste for what this amazing new secondary profession in the World of Warcraft can do for you in game.

Cheers, and a Very Merry Christmas!!


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Resource Site Spotlight – ZAM (Allakhazam)

The World of Warcraft community has always found things they latch onto, from particular sites, to blogs, podcasts, and even E-RP hangouts (I have not set foot in Goldshire for 2 years and I turn off general chat, just in case, anytime I step foot in Elwynn Forest – I suggest you do the same).

Allakhazam was one of the two main sites used as the WoW database before the time of WoWHead and, to my knowledge WoWWiki Wowpedia; Thottbot being the second. I had a guildmate that insisted on pronouncing the name of that site as “Tee Hot Bot”, never could figure that one out. Anyway…

Recently I stumbled upon Allakhazam again, and I have to say I really like the new design and feel. It focuses very much on article posting, it even has a direct database tie in with WoWHead (there may be some connection there in terms of ownership perhaps, I was lazy and did not dig further, my apologies). The forums, which were always a big part of Allakhazam, the community aspect of the site, look to be very active. And it looks to be posting some good content.

I know it is difficult at times for Wrath babies to comprehend a time prior to WoWHead, but alas, there did exist other resource sites, and this is one that very much deserves a first, or second look for those of us that have been playing the game since launch.

The site also features portals for other, in-network sites for different MMO’s, such as Guild Wars 2.

The layout and design are very simple, it has a good clean look to it, and as I said, the content is good and I like the article writing. So give it a try, expand your information database collection.



PS. The OverLores are coming!

***Each week you can hear Rilandune rambling on about his Addon and Mod addiction in the Twisted Nether Blogcast, usually at the end of the show where Fimlys and Hydra put him in hopes that everyone will stop listening by then. Just kidding. Well it’s kinda true. You can also read his ramblings at Heroically Random and follow him on twitter (**

2010 Blog Azeroth Secret Santa

It’s that time of year again!

That’s right! It’s almost Christmas and in the warm fuzzy holiday spirit of the season, Blog Azeroth is announcing it’s 2nd Annual Secret Santa/Kris Kringle!

The concept is simple! You sign up and are assigned another participating blogger to secretly write a guest post for. Then on Christmas (or the week following Christmas) you surprise that blogger by emailing them your guest post. And you will be surprised with a guest post from a blogger as well.

It’s a great way to meet your fellow bloggers and to draw the attention of new readers who may not have found your blog, so sign up by sending me ( an email with your blogging name and blog URL before or on Wednesday December 22!

For more details on how this is going to work, head over to Blog Azeroth for the complete thread:

Shared Topic: Initial Thoughts on Cataclysm

I bet you’d all be very shocked if I told you that WoW’s latest expansion, Cataclysm, came out last week. Right. Completely shocked.

Anyway, most of us dove headfirst into the game, making our way to 85 or exploring the new races. Some of us dove in with a passion and WoW binged for a days (am guilty of this…my eyes still hurt like heck from the grind), others leisurely strolled through everything the new expansion had to offer. And as good, fantastic bloggers, we wrote about it.

Jaedia from Jaedia’s Menagerie was the one who thought of making the theme a Shared Topic:

What are your initial thoughts about the Cataclysm expansion?

It’s a topic you can take anywhere you’d like. What’s your favourite new zone? What do you think of the instances? Any screenshots you’d like to share? Anything you’re excited to get started on? Whatever might come to mind regarding the main question

To read what your fellows players had to say about their initial Cataclysmic experience, check out:

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Syrco from Syrco Owl

Fannon from Dwarven Battle Medic

Strumwulf from Strumwulf’s Stories, Idea and Art

Violet Scribe from The Violet Scribe

Sil from Human Moose

And I’m sure there are a lot more out there, so if you didn’t get around to Sharing your post at Blog Azeroth, don’t be shy to link to it in the comments!

As for this week (or for what’s left of it), the topic is one of real life and WoW colliding. Not necessarily in a bad sense. Rather, does your real life sometimes infiltrate your WoW life? Do you catch yourself handling situations or reacting to things in gaming using your real life experience? Blog about it and post a link over at Blog Azeroth!

Episode 111 – All Things Medros

AllThingsAzeroth Medros from All things Azeroth Podcast and The Group Quest Podcast is our guest this week on TNB. Cataclysm has arrived and we’re all head’s down deep into the game again. We talk about the leaked Blizzard schedule, Guild xp changes and Fim gets a camel! (At least he didn’t have a cow!).

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