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** The above image is not from our spotlight site, Ask Mr. Robot, but I thought it was just too durned cute not to add it ^.^ **

On the request of the big boss man, Fimlys, and by recommendation of my fellow OverLore host Nibuca, I am reviewing Ask Mr. Robot this week for the RSS article.

I have said it before, throughout Wrath I was a hardcore min/maxer. I used a vast array of websites, spreadsheets, and even java script based gear and talent optimizers. In fact my extreme love of these tools lead me to be Murloc Rolled on GroupQuest, one of Medros‘ shows on Dawn Forge.

[If you haven’t noticed, I’m in a bit of a pimp-a-licious mood today, but I’ll keep the remaining pimpage to Ask Mr. Robot]

Ask Mr. Robot, or rather Mr. Robot’s World of Warcraft Gear Optimization and Theorycraft Website!, is one such site that I will assuredly be using in my Cataclysm min-maxing, and also for making choices in dungeons to run for gear acquisitions and reputation priorities as well. Like all gear optimization tools you cannot bank on these being 100% accurate. That’s impossible. There are very complicated soft caps and hard caps at play, as well as constantly changing mechanics that require a full time job just to keep with for one class and spec, let alone 30. However Ask Mr. Robot is a very well crafted site with an easy and intuitive UI that every player of World of Warcraft can find useful and should use to make their gearing and enchanting/gemming choices.

Once at start by selecting the “Gear Optimizer” and import your character by inputing your realm name and character name, then start plugging away at gear pieces and enchantments. There are some good advanced features, but even the most casual user will be able to use the site to great affect.

I found several adorable robots while searching for the header image, and I feel it would be a disservice to not include them, so I will close out the post with these adorable robot pictures. Whether you like it or not.



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2 comments to Resource Site Spotlight – Ask Mr. Robot

  • Do you think Blizzard would ever create a Starcraft MMORPG to compete with WoW?

  • I highly doubt it, though it would be a fun experience. Blizzard is already working on their next-Gen mmo that is a new IP entirely, and gave given the answer to that very question as a resounding “no” at least a few times.

    There was a gent who made a StarCraft mmo mod that fell under fire, which I understand that issue has been resolved. This lead many to think a StarCraft mmo was in the works, but still, I highly doubt it.

    Much to my dismay, naturally.