Shared Topic: Your Autoblogography

Last week’s topic was an idea by yours truly (from Bossypally dot wordpress dot com!) of a blogging meta post (because I can never read too many blogging meta posts!) of looking back at our blogs and on some of the more significant moments we’ve experienced.

Lets write our autoblogography!

What pushed you to start blogging? What challenges have you faced? What are you favorite posts and why? What are the stories behind them? How has blogging affected your gaming?

Those of you who enjoy writing in character could write feature your character reflecting on how they’ve changed since day 1 and about their favorite adventures.

If you’re a new blogger, you can write about your experience so far, about what you hope for the future.

Writing their autoblogography were:

Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon

Ardol from WoW Philosophized (also this post)

Dragonray from Azerothian Life

Violet Scribe from The Violet Scribe

Caster DPS from Caster DPS

Saniel from Primal Precision

Essencenchanted from Gamer Girl Confessions

Janyaa from Muradin Musings

Saz from World of Saz

Niq from The Grove

Syrco from Syrco Owl

Anexxia from Bible of Dreams

Sil from Human Moose

Next week’s Shared Topic is a creative one: Invent the perfect weapon for your character. It can be based on looks, equip abilities, stats…or all of the above! Describe it (or better, draw it!) in your blog and post a link to it in the thread at Blog Azeroth.

As for other upcoming topics, check out:
Design your Evil Boss
Real life intruding on game life

Resource Site Spotlight – World of Wargraphs – PvP Statistics and Rankings

Player versus player.


I love it, you love it.

Don’t give me that QQ line that you hate PvP, you know you do. You know that you just crave that rush you get every time you engage in pseudo-mortal combat with another player, locked in a gladiatorial fight to the end, vying for field advantage, looking for every opportunity to unleash your deadliest onslaught of attacks to best your opponent.

Seriously, who doesn’t love all those times in Storm Peaks when you were killing Jormungar worms for the Sons of Hodir dailies and that same Shaman would drop out the sky, Earth Shock your unsuspecting bum and blast you to the Spirit Healer on the top of the mountain 3 miles away? (I’m looking at you Vegen, you dirty rat)

Ok, so maybe that was just me. But still, PvP is a big part of World of Warcraft, and for the longest time it was nearly unquantifiable how good a PvP player truly was. Reputation was the only means for a person to make a name of themselves. With the changes that have rolled out to the Wow Armory site, clever individuals have created sites to glean some amazing data and in the past that was held to the raiding environment for the most part.

In comes World of Wargraphs

It’s in beta now, but it looks to provide some very interesting statistics on PvP and the players that engage in this activity for every realm.

More so than anything, it is a competitors scoreboard. A ranking system.

It is very interesting to see how well a particular player is rated on your realm that just so happens to gank you daily outside of Ice Cream Citadel.

Read, enjoy, eat, be merry.



EDIT: Trebonius contacted us to let us know that World of Wargraphs has been updated for Cataclysm, and even includes Rated Battlegrounds rankings. So make certain to check out the updated statistics and site rankings.

***Each week you can hear Rilandune rambling on about his Addon and Mod addiction in the Twisted Nether Blogcast, usually at the end of the show where Fimlys and Hydra put him in hopes that everyone will stop listening by then. Just kidding. Well it’s kinda true. You can also read his ramblings at Heroically Random and follow his frequent musings on twitter (**

Episode 108 – Nether Warning!

album_art This week on TNB we welcome Seven and Thespius from the Raid Warning podcast! We have a truly awesome time hanging out with these guys and talking about wow, podcasting, beer and anything else that comes to mind. News and Topics follow the interview, as usual. We got a little late start that night but it was well worth it! The elemental invasion is progressing, troll druids are getting their own flight form and there’s a new kind of authenticator in town.

SPONSOR – UGT Servers! Ventrillo Servers for Your Guild!

— Continue reading Episode 108 — Nether Warning! —

Shared Topic: Fringe Benefits of Bringing Classes to Raid

How often have we heard “Bring the player, not the class” throughout Wrath? The answer is too many times.

But what about bringing the player and the class? What makes a good player of a particular class so useful to the raid? Shopshopshop of Runeforge Gossip suggest a Shared Topic addressing this. What can your class bring, beyond simple dps buffs?

Recently I’ve been working with my guildmates to figure out what classes to bring to our 10-man Cata raid. Since 10-mans are no longer the smaller easier child you can overgear with 25-man gear, the buffs you bring are even more crucial to setting up a successful raid groups.

And this has gotten me thinking about how we think of classes. We tend to see them mostly as what buffs they bring and their DPS. But often other things are important too, and even more so given that Blizzard wants us to pay more attention to things like CC, mana management, that sort of thing (no more simple stand and DPS fights).

So the topic would be about people posting the interesting and useful things their class brings that won’t appear in a buff per class spreadsheet.

Participating were:

Shopshopshop from Runeforge Gossip

Dragonray from Azerothian Life

Korenwolf from Paw Prints at the Portal

Elkagorasa from Elkagorasa the Casual

Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon

Saz from World of Saz

Aunna from Bandage Spec

Jasyla from Cannot Be Tamed

Cryptic from Blessing of the Grove

Redhawks from Redhawks’ Gaze

Next week’s Shared Topic is an invitation to take an introspective look at our blogging by writing our Autoblogophray. For long term bloggers, this can mean thinking about our early posts, the challenges we’ve encountered, the people we’ve met, our favorite posts, favorite posts. For a newer blogger, this can mean talking about how things are going, about expectations and how blogging compares to them. Write about it and share a link in the thread at Blog Azeroth so that we can all enjoy your post!

We’re still low on upcoming topics, so don’t be shy! Suggest, suggest, suggest!

n00b blogger – What the Heck is a Blog?

by Randil – This weekly column will help guide you down the road to writing and maintaining your very own blog! Not sure where to start? Not a problem. In this blog we will be covering how to get started, where to go, and tips on what to write. Join us every week for a new article to help you with your blog!

n00b blogAll of those thoughts exploding in your mind! It’s too bad you have nowhere to share these thoughts so people can see just what is driving you crazy every day. Well, that’s where I come in.

“What the heck is a blog”, you might ask. Well, a blog is sort of like an online journal. Some people keep them just so they can write their own thoughts and have them stored in a central location, while others write to review, express an emotion, or just plain rant about a topic which is near and dear to them. We all have those things that peak our interest and cause us to want to stand up and tell people how we feel about them; like politics, the environment, or even video games. Finding the topic that you are passionate about is the first and most important step to creating your own blog. You need to be able to find a topic that you are excited to explore and write about, without ever becoming bored or just plain tired of learning about it. There are thousands of blogs started every day and millions of these blogs only have one or two total entries before they are abandoned altogether. Don’t let that be the way your blog ends!

Ask yourself, “Self, what peaks your interest?”

What was the first thing that comes to your mind? Was it something you do every day? Something you have always wanted to learn more about? Or, even something you studied in school? Whatever it is, use it as a stepping stone to opening up your mind, exploring your writing skills and letting the world hear… err, read, what you have to say.

While everything I have written thus far may seem like a simple task, you should really think about what you are truly passionate about to enable you to write without ever feeling as though it is work. Blogging should be fun, informative (for both you and your readers), and always enjoyable.

Join us next week when we will discuss how to set up your blog and get started with your first entry.

meRandil, more commonly known as ‘Theophanes’ around the World of Warcraft Community, currently resides in Pocatello, Idaho where he is currently an IT Support Engineer for a small ISP.

When Randil is not at work, he greatly enjoys playing World of Warcraft, snowboarding, and podcasts. While his first foray into creating a podcast went down in miserable and not-so-glorious flames, he still loves recording audio of his own and contributing to his favorite podcasts. He also hopes to become a voice-over actor with a memorable role in a video game at some point in his lifetime.

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