Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Please Feed The Troll

Hello Everyone! I’d like you to join me in welcoming Mystic from Please Feed the Troll!

Mystic started his WoW career back when he had to walk uphill both ways to get to MC (it’s true, I tell you!), finding his way to the horde at the assistance of his housemate. He started his adventures in WoW studying the ways of da’ voodoo and the arcane, which is really just a fancy way of saying that he opted to play a troll mage! Of course, all those uphill walks (both ways!) to MC wore his tired troll feet out, and he started to wonder what it would be like if he could heal those poor tired feet himself, and from there a priest was born. Throughout all of Vanilla he found that he was not only raiding and healing, but also running a guild. Eventually running himself out of mana in real life, and finding the need for a break.

Mystic played a touch of The Burning Crusade, and a touch Wrath, but between the content and lack of his original guildmates, he found it really challenging to step back into the game, especially with a very hectic work schedule. Fast forwarding to the present, Mystic has found that he has a bit of time to game again, and is loving Cataclysm. He’s still playing that priest, in case you were wondering! And loving every minute of it. He plays strictly casually now, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying everything that they game has to offer! His decision to blog about his experiences this go around is twofold. Firstly he wanted to try the art of blogging just to see if he enjoyed it (he does!), and secondly he wanted a place to document his experiences as a casual gamer in WoW (but don’t worry – he can’t give up that pesky theory crafting).

Mystic touches on a number of great topics over at Please Feed the Troll, such as a look at being an Alt-o-holic and learning to love the Auction House. He also explores whether or not recycling content is nostalgic goodness of developer laziness, and offers a great discussion on leadership characteristics and what makes people tick (seriously fantastic read).

Not to be outdone with the bevy of great topics already offered, Mystic also has an idiots guide to Simulation Craft as well as a guide on how to utilize the data you get from simluations. And if that isn’t enough, you can also check out his fantastic Shadow Priest Guide! He is also open to conversation about how it’s not easy to be a priest these days. You will also find a good bit of Shadow Priest theory crafting if you poke around enough!

Not into priests, auction houses or simulating? Hey no worries! Mystic’s still got plenty of things that still might interest you, like his fascination with llamas or his thoughts on Dungeon Finder Personalities. You can also learn a bit more about Mystic’s WoW History, which is intriguing in and of itself. Really, no matter who you are or what you are into, you can’t help but be drawn into Mystic’s writing and thoughts!

I don’t know about you, but I am sure looking forward to hearing more from Mystic!

Mystic is off to a great start, and I can’t see where he’s headed next! Why don’t we all pull up our Llamas, Camels and Alpacas and ride along beside him as he entertains us on his journey. Welcome to the blogosphere, Mystic!

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Shared Topics: Future Cataclysm content patches and Your Favorite Weapon

Yay! Two Shared Topics! What a fantastic way to end the weekend!

The first Shared Topic, from two weeks ago (I left it open an extra week since it was such a good topic and I was hoping to read more posts on it- yes I’m selfish like that) was suggested by Ringo Flinthammer of Flinthammer Hall. He got us thinking about future content patches and what we were hoping to see from. The timing ended up being perfect since the 4.1 PTR notes were released right at the end of the Topic.

Although players are still busy digging through all of the Cataclysm raid and heroic content, some are already starting to wonder what we’ll see added to the game in the 4.1 patch and beyond. While we have some hints, what do you expect to see added over the life of the expansion? How many patches? How many new dungeons? What will happen to your favorite professions? And how will the expansion’s storyline continue to unfold — and which loose ends will be wrapped up by the time the 5.0 patch is released?

Speculating were:

Aliera from The Violet Scribe

TwilliK from The Arcane Envoy

Rustbeard from Little Blue Dog

Beniffer from Blind Deaf Mute

And this week’s Shared Topic was an old favourite, causing an eruption of weapon appeal analysis. Kallixta of Kallixta’s Notes was the suggester.

I was comparing a new upgrade to my older item when it struck me how much I liked my old item. Like is wonderfully subjective and I hope others will explain their measure.

Is your favorite weapon something with strong memories for you? Is it something that just works well for RP purposes? Or maybe the balance of abilities meshes better than normal to your spec and play style?

Sharing their favorites are:

Kallixta from Kallixta’s Notes (who also wrote an RP version)

Larisa from The Pink Pigtail Inn

Garona from PvE Rogues

Val from Honeymint Tea

Aliera from The Violet Scribe

Hadrimda from Hadrimda’s Blog

Amaranth from Specced for Drama

Halophoenix from Azeroth Metblogs

Sarindre from Through the Eyes of a Tree

Kamalia from Kamalia et alia

Saz from World of Saz

And for the upcoming week, get ready for some factions heat! The Horde, are they becoming the “evil” side of WoW? As the tale of Azeroth unfold, they’re more and more depicted as merciless killers. Do we sense a good vs evil fight between Allience and Horde coming up? Blog about it and share a link to your post with us at Blog Azeroth!

As for future topics, get ready for:
Favorite Profession
Is the Horde close to conquering Azeroth?
Favourite Race

Resource Site Spotlight – State of DPS

[insert class/spec here] is overpowered!

[insert class/spec here] needs to be buffed!

How many times have we heard this? For me, too many to count, and enough to induce nausea. Frankly I am of the opinion that a raid environment would function far better if meters were only visible to the raid leader. And this is quite hypocritical of someone who prided himself on min/maxing every last detail of his Rogue in an attempt to be at the top of the meters throughout ToGC and ICC, spending hours pouring over sims and spreadsheets to eek out the last drop of dps possible.

However, despite hanging up my daggers (for now at least) and taking up the mantle of a healer, I still know how much dps plays a role in Warcraft endgame raiding. And the discussion will never end of “what spec is the top dps”. State of DPS exists for one reason only. To parse out the data from World of Logs and take a weighted average of the top 200 DPS’ers in the world and chart their numbers, to show what is the overall top damage spec, and on specific fights.

It isn’t fancy. It isn’t flashy. It is simple, clean, and efficient in what it gives us. For me, it does bring a sad Ril tear to my eye to see that Subtlety Rogues are by far and away the lowest damage producing spec in the game. I miss the days of Burning Crusade Shadowstep Swords PvP more than I could ever explain… but alas…

So yes, State of DPS is simple. It gives us the current state of dps in World of Warcraft high end progression raiding. Should you feel bad that you are not producing the numbers listed here? NO. If you do, let me reach out through the inter-nether and smack you. However, this could give reasoning to why that Shadow Priest in your guild is creaming you on the meters, despite you having slightly better gear.

Especially if you are the poor fool still trying to raid as Subtlety spec.

I tip my hat to you, sir.



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Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Healer Aggro

Hello Everyone! I’d like you to join me in wecloming Ttrinity from Healer Aggro!

Ttrinity started playing WoW at the end of 2008 and is a self-proclaimed “noob” (in the best sense, of course!) and alt-o-holic. WoW is her first MMO and Ttrinity finds that she learns things daily about the game – often to the amusement of herself and her guildmates! While she has played all four healing classes at the end game level, she has settled (for now!) to tackle Cataclysm with her Disc Priest.

Healer Aggro won’t focus on theory crafting or class guides – but will focus on Ttrinity’s journey as a new player through WoW as she learns to heal her way through both 5 man and raid content and the lessons that she learns along the way.   She recently gave us some insights on how she feels Blizzard is driving how we heal via their new healing model, limitations in specing and constant hot fixes being made to healers.  She also offers some very good insight on when WoW feels like a job and how to combat those feelings.

Ttrinity knows how to have fun exploring old content with a very small group of friends and encourages you to do the same! What? You aren’t into retro raiding? (Your loss!) But not to worry, Ttrinity has your back and will help you determine if you are raid ready and offers her thoughts on the cylces of gearing. She is also quite curious why there is no Ollivander’s in WoW to help fit those wand carrying casters with their very own ash-phoenix tail wands!  I would be remiss to not recommend her great guide to the random dungeon game and using what some may consider unorthodox methods to find success in those early heroics!

I don’t know about you, but I sure am looking forward to more from Ttrinity!

Ttrinity is off to a great start, and I’ll be honest – she is no “noob” when it comes to writing!  🙂  I know that I certainly can’t wait to see what she has to say next!  Welcome to the blogosphere, Ttrinity!

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Resource Site Spotlight – Fitzcairn’s Macro Explain-o-matic

There are in World of Warcraft several under-utilized features. One major example is ones ability to fully customize their User Interface (UI) – to solve this one needs only to listen to the end of every Twisted Nether Blogcast for the Addon and UI Modification segment /endshamelessplug. The biggest example, the most under-utilized feature of this game has got to be macros. I use macros on every character in all situations and I know for a fact that I am not using the system to even a fraction of its capability.

For class/role specific macros there are a plethora of sources. Simply search for them in your search engine of choice and you will inevitably come upon the script that you need only copy and paste into your in-game macro menu to execute. However, the script may be old. Or perhaps there is a misspelling or punctuation error. Or perhaps the site simply says, “if you are a warrior tank, use this macro” but does not even bother to tell you what it will do.

Our intrepid hero arrives – Fitzcairn’s Macro Explain-o-matic!

It is rare that a utility or resource could be so singularly efficient and useful at that same time. This site is amazing. It does but one simple thing – explains what your macro will do. That’s it! Just paste your macro into the field and hit “Explain this macro!” and it does just as advertised.

In all honesty there are other functionalities on the site, I don’t wish to make Fitzcairn’s Macro Explain-o-matic! sound like a true one-trick-pony, but the front page has but one blessed feature and function, the macro explanation tool. I encourage everyone to go to any reputable site they can find, copy a macro, paste it into the Explain-o-matic, and see if the function of the macro matches the authors description from the source from which it was found. I know for a fact, this site is going to save me a great deal of time in explaining syntax and punctuation to guild mates, which I am only just barely qualified to do, as a very casual user of macros.

Fitzcairn’s Macro Explain-o-matic! for all your macro functionality checking needs.

Also, full disclosure as I am certain someone will call me out on this, I did indeed get this site from the bonus drop of the week on this weeks The Instance show.



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