Resource Site Spotlight - Event Horizon

Some classes have it easy. Back in BC, a Beastmaster hunter could spam Steady Shot constantly and out-dps many other classes. And while Blizzard has taken care to add some complexity to the spec, it remains the “easiest” hunter spec to play admirably (though, like any spec, difficult to fully master). And a quick glance at any rotation discussion on the internet will reveal a contempt for the “easy” classes.

For the majority of us, however, we’re watching cooldowns a-plenty, and managing complex rotations.  Even without lag and complex boss mechanics, it can be difficult (Locks and Enhance Shamans come to mind).  This is particularly true for dps classes, but can be said of any class and spec, since tanks and heals often have to ration their spells meticulously as well.  And there’s a lot of ways to manage a rotation beyond just staring at your cast bar.  Today we’re looking at one of the most popular, EventHorizon.

The picture should describe the function of the addon quite well.  It’s a small, handy series of bars that track cooldowns and timers for important abilities.  The tracking is highly customizable, and it can give you advanced notice of powerful abilities or cooldowns that are coming up in the near future.  The white line represents the present, and the bars track the time until an ability will be ready.

This is by no means the only method of managing a rotation, but if you’re not already doing so and would like to, this might be a good place to start.

This entry was a bit later than planned (RL aggro), but I have many installments already planned for the coming weeks.  Among them are some tools for raid leaders, some introductory tips for prospective WoW movie makers, and a look at the often-talked-about Power Auras add-on.  So stay tuned!

(Editorial Comment: Please make sure to virus check your computer after this or any downloads onto your computer. There is no information at publication date that this site or its applications are harmful in any way, but caution should always be exercised.)

Ninth Pilots – Look Out Below…

2guys Whoa.. Whoa.. and again I say … WHOA! Why? I dunno.. I just like typing whoa… Anyway! We have a special treat for you this week! Remember, way… way.. back when Ninth Batter was on the show? We talked about him putting together a little weekly “radio” show for our little podcast? Well, he finally found the time (and his Microphone.. I think Jaina was borrowing it..) to put together an awesome set of pilots for us! That.. And a SPECIAL treat you just don’t want to miss!

millhouse So.. We’re putting it up to you guys to pick the best! Let us know in the comments here what you thought of the 2 shows and which you’d like to hear more of! The two shows are entitled: 2 Guys & a Vent Channel and The (mis)Adventures of Millhouse Manastorm. Listen and Vote for your favorite!

Oh. And the special treat? Well, you are just going to have to listen and find out for yourself. Ninth really went all out with it, so I know you’ll enjoy it. Also, don’t forget to visit his other endeavors over at Nobody Like You!

Thanks Ninth! There’s, um, nobody like you.. 😛 (I mean that as a compliment.. I think…)

Episode 83 - The Hounds of Lore

This episode we welcome Amatera from LoreHound (and formerly ProjectLore) to the show. Amazing Conversations Erupt! Of course, we also talk about all the April Foolery, Eyonix leaving Blizzard and .. um… Cheese Sculpting?! Yeah… Cheese Sculpting.. You don’t want to miss it!


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Shared Topic: Raising Awareness

This week’s Shared Topic addresses an issue omnipresent in the game: the relationship between gold selling, gold buying and account hacking. After seeing two of her guildmates getting hacked, Tarinae of A Healadin’s Tear suggested we write about the topic of gold buying and where this gold comes from:

Blizzard has been on the fast track to promoting account security lately. They all new options for when accounts are compromised, they offered pets for authenticators, they made several posted awareness sheets, etc.

But running parallel to that is the amount of gold sellers we see.

I have seen two of my guildmates hacked already this year by devastatingly experienced hackers. I was going to construct a post about the ugly truth behind gold buying. Do I know anyone who buys gold? No, but I know people who suffer the consequences. I did it once.

I want to try to make sure people are aware of what happens when a gold seller needs to fill an order…they don’t create this stuff out of thin air.

So I thought I would promote it as a shared topic so you can share any (hacking or other) experiences you have to help raise awareness. People expect blizzard to say this stuff…but we are just players….real players with real experiences.

Speaking up about this are:

Zalduun from Blessing of Fish

Morynne of Marks 365

Tarinae of A Healadin’s Tear

Krikket of So Much WoW, So Little Time

Gazimoff from Mana Obscura

Nexdominus from Death Knight Tank

Sycopat from Sycopat’s Sibilancy

Pndrev from Primetime Casual

Alamara from Almost Epic

Windsoar from Jaded Alt

Artie from Blade Barrier

Daraia from Daughter of Ravenholdt Manor

Jaedia from The Lazy Sniper

Fantastic participation as usual!

For this upcoming week’s Shared Topic, we’re going to be talking about blogging, more specifically about comments. Are they helpful or do they get in the way of us speaking our mind? Share your thoughts on your blog and be sure to report back to the thread on Blog Azeroth!

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Resource Site Spotlight - WoW Professions

Hello again after the week off. This week’s article is about a resource that I was clued in to recently by an excellent hunter blogger, Darkbrew, over at that has helped me immensely.

My hunter was originally a Skinner/Leatherworker. I could support myself. But at a certain point I got anxious about the superior benefits of Jewelcrafting (currently probably the best hunter profession dps-wise), so I dropped skinning.

And now I have two crafting professions with no gathering skills. Expensive, to say the least. But with my Priest alt nearing 80, I decided that I should compliment my Hunter by picking up Skinning and Mining. Now, anyone who has ever played WoW is used to grinding. It’s a necessary evil of the game we love. But it doesn’t mean we have to enjoy grinding, nor that we should do so without help.

Enter WoW Professions:

I am using it for my gathering professions. It provides maps of areas to farm, suggests a route that you follow through the zone, and tells you when you should move on to the next area. No wasted time. For crafting professions, it tells you what to make and when, and exactly how many mats it will cost you. It pretty much eliminates the frustrating green-colored recipes that may or may not level you up another point.

The site suggests you use the popular add-on Gatherer in conjunction with their guides, though there are other add-ons that can perform the same task admirably. Used together, however, they can save you loads of time and make grinding more tolerable.

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