Shared Topic: Posting Blog Links on Armory

Bloggers! If Blizzard added the possibility of adding blog links on Armory, would you post a link to your blog on your character(s)’s profile? Would you dare or would you say “no way!“?

Anea from Oh Look an Alt! thought of this great Shared Topic idea:

If you were given the option, would you post a link to your blog on your main’s armory profile?

Why/why not?

Sharing their thoughts are:

Windsoar from Jaded Alt

Rajjs from The Angry Alt

Erinys from The Harpy’s Nest

Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon

Fealen from Cow and Bones

Tarinae from A Healadin’s Tear

This upcoming week, we reminisce about moments of awe we’ve experienced in the game, that wonderment we felt during our early days, before being maximum level and decked in epics became matter-of-fact. To take part in the topic, drop by the Shared Topic forum on Blog Azeroth!

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Resource Site Spotlight - World of Logs

If the formatting is sloppy this week, it’s because this is the first post Fimlys isn’t submitting for me.  It may take me a while to familiarize myself with the WordPress bells and whistles (edit – thanks to Fimlys for swooping in with the link fixes).

I love Recount. Well, at least when it has the good sense to list my name first under “Damage Done.” But while many of us run some form of stat-tracking addon for dps, heals, damage taken, dispels, etc. there are websites that do it even better. The point of them, beyond simply comparing online “dps sizes” *cough* is to have some information that we can then learn from to improve our performance.

Several sites feature this in an in-depth format. Today, sticking with veiled references for the male member, we’re looking at World of Logs.

This site will give you more information than you’re ever likely to need, but is heaven for stat lovers.

A quick download of their application will allow you to record every boss fight in a given night, which can then be uploaded to the website for perusal and analysis. To give an example, here’s the damage done from my guild’s first ever downing of Lana’thel about a month and a half ago:

And while it pains me to post a fight where I’m not first, the other hunter and I have both led that fight depending on who is bitten first. Still, I think the lesson learned from this is that hunters are awesome.

Two other uses for this site that I’ve found very beneficial:

1.Identifying WHAT is damaging you is often just as useful as knowing your damage done. Let’s look at another Blood Queen attempt from that night:
Scroll over the names and you’ll see what the damage is from. Nearly all the damage done is shadow, which would tell us that we need as much shadow resistance as is possible. But while this particular fight is rather easy to identify in terms of damage type, there are plenty of fights with multiple types of damage, or spells that do a mixture of damage types (nature + shadow, for instance). Identifying what is killing you on wipes, then planning accordingly with your group, can be one of the most helpful things you do.

2. Let’s say you get as much information as you need from Recount, and don’t feel like uploading everything to a website. WoL can still be useful, or at least fun, because it can show you what classes are doing the best on which fights, and also what the max potential is for the class you play. Looking at the best numbers from Blood Queen (10M) on any server or class:

…we can see that Mages are absolutely crushing it on her.

Or we could see what I could be doing in my MM spec if I were uber-l33t:

Holy damnit, MM can push 20K. Time to go cry in a corner with some Orcish Brandy. To be fair, my earlier parse was from Feb. 1 and was several upgrades ago, and my best recent result are much better, but I’m still a long way off.

Or say you’re a dps DK with a decision to make about your spec, and your guild is stuck on this boss. Comparing the 3 specs might give us some insight into which you should bring into it:

Blood, it seems, has the highest potential, but there’s also a quicker drop-off in the totals than there is in Unholy. Frost can be tentatively eliminated, and the decision between the other two can probably be determined by which you feel more comfortable with. Not being a DK, there’s likely other factors that I’m not aware of, but this is to illustrate what kinds of conclusions you might be able to draw from such information.

In all there’s a lot to do on this site, more than I have time to cover. But if it seems at all interesting to you, browse around and record some of your own raids. Chances are you’ll learn something about yourself or your group.

(Editorial Comment: Please make sure to virus check your computer after this or any downloads onto your computer. There is no information at publication date that this site or its applications are harmful in any way, but caution should always be exercised.)

Episode 80 - Whatever

It’s another Round Table! We welcome a cornucopia of awesome guests.

We cover a bunch of topics including the new info on Cataclysm Masteries, the progressive “nerfication” of Raids and Addons: Critical or Crutch.


UGT-Servers.comUGT Servers! Ventrillo Servers for Your Guild!

— Continue reading Episode 80 — Whatever —

Shared Topic: Eavesdropping WoW Conversations IRL

When we’re out and about the offline world, every now and again we accidentally overhear other people’s conversations. Especially when those conversations are about WoW… Our ears perk up and we feel the overwhelming urge to ask the ultimate question: “Which server do you play on?

Last week, Oath from Dressed to Cuddle suggested that, as our Shared Topic, we should talk about conversations about WoW we happen to overhear in the offline world:

Have you ever been out and about, minding your own business, having a casual conversation with a friend and fellow WoW player about the latest patch or last night’s dungeon, then some random stranger comes up to you and says something like, “Hey, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear, but do you guys play WoW? I’ve got a level XX [race] [class] on [server]”?

I’ve probably had two handfuls of people come up to me in real life, either overhearing I play WoW from conversation, or seeing that I’m wearing my Warlock shirt or Horde sweater, and strike up a conversation with me about the game.

While places of congregation abound, such as a gaming convention, comic book shop, or GameStop, the topic persists more of an unprecedented setting. I ran into an Alliance member at a mall outside of the restrooms and we had a heated debate about Varian Wrynn. A guy started a conversation with my cousin and me at a sushi bar because my cousin and I were discussing ICC. A friend and I were at dinner at an expensive restaurant, and I was telling her about my spec, as she was leveling a warlock, and our waiter chimed in about his warlock.

Have any of you out there in the blogosphere had this happen? If so, what was your experience like? Was it just a pleasant conversation or did you face off with a passionate member of the opposing faction?

Sharing their experiences were:

Jaedia from The Lazy Sniper

Artie from Blade Barrier

Glassofwater from Not So Overpowered

Oath from Dressed to Cuddle

Cranky Healer from The Cranky Healer

Ophelie from The Bossy Pally and the Giant Spoon

Next week, we tackle another topic that involves talking about WoW, but in a very different setting. Instead of WoW in the real world, we discuss whether or not we’d link to our blog in on our character’s WoW armory page.

Other upcoming topics include:

Moments of Awe in WoW (or, World of Awecraft)
If you were starting over in WoW, what would you do?

If you would like to take part in these or any other Shared Topics, please drop by the forum whenever! And even if you don’t want to take part in the Shared Topics, you are still welcome to drop by Blog Azeroth to say hi and chat with some very cool people!

Announcing – Big Crits

LichKingby Stoneybaby

First of all I want to say a big thanks to Fim & Nib for letting me shout out to the TNB listeners about the Big Crits show. I’ve always been a huge fan of the show and the work they do for the WoW community. Thanks for keeping us together and more importantly entertained! [Ed: Aww.. Thanks]

As you may have read by now, I’m embarking on a new adventure. I’m starting up a new WoW guild, an end-game raiding guild called Big Crits. We’re going to start with a group of geared and experienced 80s from around the realms and dive in to tackle ICC. Here’s the best part: we’re going to record it all and make a web series about it.

I’ve written a lot on the subject already; there’s the post at as well as some posts on the Big Crits blog, so there’s plenty to read if you want to learn more about what I want to accomplish with this show.

I kicked things off with a post on and Big Hit Box about this project. It launched with a bigger bang than I could have hoped for, and I’ll tell you the weeks leading up to this I was freaking out.

I’m freaking out because I’m…

  • leaving the realm where I first started playing and leveled all my toons.
  • leaving my guild of 3+ years.
  • leaving a GM that I highly respect and would follow into battle IRL, and leaving the raiders that I love to play with.
  • changing factions and moving to a new realm where I have no friends and no knowledge of the player base.
  • investing a large chunk of cash into a recruitment video and editors for the show.
  • a show that doesn’t even have a cast!
  • a guild that doesn’t even have members!
  • I’M… I’M… WHAT AM I FRIGGIN NUTS?!!`1?!?~!?

Those were pretty much the thoughts I woke up to every morning and went to sleep with every night. When the recruitment video was delayed a week I have to be honest – I breathed a little sigh of relief. I thought to myself, “maybe I don’t have to take this chance. Maybe I can just stay in my safe, comfortable world.” Maybe maybe maybe.

But no. I committed myself to this path because I believe in it. I believe it’s the right time, the right thing, and if I don’t do it I’ll never forgive myself for not trying.

And so I kicked it off.

Since Tuesday night my inbox has been flooded with apps. It’s been an amazing start to the journey. We should have a full guild by Monday and start raiding (and recording) after raid reset Tuesday.

Now the next set of doubts creep in. You know that voice in the back of your head that does nothing but cast face-melting shadows. Come to think of it, taking chances is like fighting a Shadow Priest. There’s DoTs of worry and big critting moments of panic, Psychic Scream, Despair, and the Vampiric Embrace of self-doubt. The questions creep in:

  • What if it’s the most boring group of people ever?
  • What if everyone’s really cool and funny but die in the fire and can’t break 6k dps?
  • What if half the people quit the first week?
  • What if I suck as a GM?
  • What if the gold market crashes, the zeppelins fall out of the sky and Arthas /point /laughs at me?
  • What if…?

What if.


Here in NYC there’s a highly respected CEO whose rally cry to his people through the last few difficult years has been: “lean into the pain.” Make hard decisions. Have tough conversations. Face yourself honestly.

Definitely the hardest part of this journey was leaving my guild <Unorthodox> and those raiders. That was painful and a difficult decision to make. But it had to be done so I had to lean into the pain.

Times are tough IRL for a lot of us right now. I work in tech staffing and have seen and felt it firsthand. My advice is to you, whether in game or IRL is: Lean into the pain. Then buff up, flask up, check your weapons, and ATTACK!!

May all your hits be crits!


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