Shared Topic: Classic Meta achievements

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What crazy stunts do you remember pulling in Vanilla (or early Burning Crusade), just for fun? Are you disappointed that there aren’t any achievements for killing old school bosses in an alternative way? Ryyus of I Gem Crit has just the Shared Topic for you!

Mount rewarding meta achievements are here to stay, But what if achievements Look like if they were around from classic forward? So i figured, make some metas for older raids or instance clusters, Name and design some achivements puns and all and design a reward fit for them (no flying mounts in MC etc) This seems like, for one Pun GOLD also a nice way of being nostalgic without open “IN MY DAY!” talk.

Proposing interesting achievements were:

Ryyus of I Gem Crit

Relevart of Relevart’s Druid Reliquary

Natarumah of Twisted Faith

Mishaweha of Me, Myself…and all of them

PixelatedExecutioner of Pixelated Executioner

Excandersham of Excandershams Wow Guides

This week’s Shared Topic is an opportunity to pull out your RP skills, or not if RPs not your thing there’s still plenty to say, as you describe how NPCs view your character’s class. Have fun getting creative and exploring the relationships characters have with various NPCs. And when you’re done, post a link to your work in the thread at Blog Azeroth so we can all read it.

As for upcoming topics, be on the lookout for:
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2 comments to Shared Topic: Classic Meta achievements

  • Well before the falling achievement I used to find the best Wylie Coyote spots (Roadrunner, Beep Beep!) and jump off. These days I will take my engineer, priest or mage and duel a friendly Shammy for his Thunderstorm at the highest points across the world and see how far I can float away.
    I once got from Ironforge with my mage all the way to Gol’Bolar Quarry.