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WoW Heroes is a useful site that pulls a lot of quirky functionality into one location. It is not a cover-all site, but can be great for comparison purposes.

A quick search will bring up your character, complete with gems, enchants, your raid progression, achievements, etc. If your gems and chants are suboptimal, the site will recommend better ones for you.

One tab over you’ll find the “Compare” tool, which lets you view your character side by side with another. This is great to check out guildies who might need help, compare yourself to well-known or accomplished players in your class, or just for bragging rights.

The guild tab can let you view gear scores for an entire guild (a la GearScore add-ons), and browse the guild for professions. And the Realm tab can be used in much the same way as sites like WoW Progress (featured quite a while ago here in a resource article). It tracks your boss kills and achievements, and ranks guilds within a given realm.  I found my own guild’s progress to be missing achievements from the last couple weeks, but it was otherwise up-to-date on my character and guild.

Other features such as a hit calculator and forums are also handy tools. The result is that WoW Heroes is an excellent site to compare yourself and your guild to a host of others, which can be informative or just fun.

The resource site spotlight is a “weekly” blog written by Arthemystia from, in his quest to find every useful WoW website on the internet.

3 comments to Resource Site Spotlight – WoW Heroes

  • I really like this site for gear comparison to others of the same spec as me. I’d take the dps meters and see just how well people were performing, given their gear. The one thing I would say is that WoW-Heroes doesn’t seem to take into account anything outside of the quality of the gear. For instance, there is another Boomkin on my server that has excellent resto gear and DPSes in that gear. But many of his pieces are what we would consider sub-par for a boomkin set. Too much spirit and regen, not hit capped, not gemmed properly. But due to the ilevel of his gear, he would be ranked ahead of me.

    As with any tool for wow, I think this ought to come with a little “browser beware” and a healthy dose of understanding how WoW-Heroes determines the score.

  • Arthemystia

    Great points, Relevart. There’s unfortunately no perfect way to gauge skill outside of actually raiding with someone. So yes, this is a tool like any other, but incomplete in estimating a player’s total skill. I actually prefer it for the guild breakdowns, and for comparing myself to players whom I know well.

  • The site would be good, if morons didn’t use it as the end-all-be-all of what a character was worth when building a raid group in game. Before it became gospel to so many pug raid leaders/organizers I would use it to compare myself with other folks as you said, compare my guild members with other well known people see what may be different. Sadly GS has become something much darker as of late. is a site I have started using as a result of what GS has become and have found its a very good GM tool for comparing folks, looking at new folks, etc.