Resource Site Spotlight – WoW Interface

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Despite the fact that Curse gets a great deal of attention, and I point a finger at myself for this (see the Addonation segment at the close of each TNB show), there is a very viable alternative source for World of Warcraft addons out there on the internetherz…

And that source is WoW Interface (

My biggest pull to Curse over WoW Interface was always that I preferred the UI of Curse. However, WoW Interface has clearly and markedly increased the quality of their UI and to say the least, I think it’s beautiful! It’s simple, yet attention grabbing, great colors, and well laid out.

I certainly intend to feature WoW Interface in my Addonation segments for the podcast moving forward and I encourage all of you to head to WoW Interface to “shop” for your addons and UI mods as well. This is a site that is showing that they understand the community and our needs.

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