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L2R is a recent endeavor of Kinaesthesia, you may have heard him speak of it as his “secret project” on the Circle of Healing podcast some time ago (co-starring a friend of Twisted Nether Blogcast, one Matt “Matticus” Lowe). Among the sites I have praised for being well-designed, this one takes the cake!

L2R (LearnToRaid) is a site dedicated to high end raiding, and how to get us all there. Videos, insightful articles, guides, blogs, forums, you name it. Kina is of course a member of the guild Vodka, on Alterac Mountains (US). A guild that continues to wrack up the progression raiding accolades, world firsts and the like, so the man has got the cred to pull off this project.

Well-polished doesn’t even begin to describe L2R. The videos are excellent compliments to the written articles, and the writers are well-versed in their subject matter.

If you have any inclination at raiding in World of Warcraft, you owe it to yourself to go to L2R immediately. As in right now. As in, I am telling you to leave the article I am writing, and you are reading, to go visit this site. I am that impressed. And you will be too.

A taste of the videos you will see on L2R:

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Netherhood Welcome Wagon – Totemic Grace

Hello Everyone! I’d like you to join me in welcoming Laerith of Totemic Grace.

Laerith started her journey in WoW filling a DPS role. Finding DPS unfulfilling, she thought that she’d try her hand at tanking – and after having some sense knocked into her (see what I did there?!?!) decided that her true calling was filling those green bars from left to right! She now finds her healing passion in her Shaman, who is part of the Council of Dragons raid team, where she also has the opportunity to enjoy the game with friends and family. While you will find plenty of Shaman information over at Totemic Grace, Laerith tells us that you may see the occasional role play back story start to develop as well.

In the short time that Laerith has been blogging, she has already established a Resto Shaman Guide, as well as looked at some of the math surrounding the new Spirit Link Totem. She also helps you better understand the science behind calculating Mana Regeneration.

Not really interested in Shaman healing? (Shame on you!). No worries! You can check out some useful things that everyone should know about healing. Or just check out her perspectives on raiding in this tier of content.

Laerith is off to a really great start! And I know that the blogosphere is always looking for great resto shaman bloggers! As such, I am very happy to introduce Laerith, and give her a big welcome! I know that I’m certainly looking forward to reading more!

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Laerith!

Every Tuesday, Beruthiel from Falling Leaves and Wings is bringing you the Welcome Wagon, introducing new bloggers and great reads. If you know of a new blog to the scene or wish to get your name out there, please send an email to, with the subject line “Welcome Wagon.” She’ll do her best to highlight as many as possible!

Shared Topics: Horde: Good or evil? and Favorite Profession

Welcome to another edition of Shared Topics with two juicy, juicy topics!

The first, from two weeks ago was suggested by Ringo Flinthammer of Flinthammer Hall who invited us to take a break from all the number talk and turn our attention to the story unfolding in Azeroth, more particularly to the Horde.

For years, fans of the Horde have described them as noble savages or, at worst, misunderstood people trying to make their way in a hostile world.

But that may have changed in the wake of the Cataclysm. The Forsaken have rolled across the northern lands of the Eastern Kingdoms, slaughtering all enemies in the Hillsbrad Foothills and seek to claim Gilneas for their own. The orcish war machine is rolling across Kalimdor, unleashing fire and devastation in Azshara and the Stonetalon Mountains. Horde NPCs even argue amongst themselves about the brutality of their methods.

Has the Horde changed? Is Blizzard merely clarifying the way they’ve always wanted to portray them? Or is this merely the start of a story about the soul of the Horde?

Giving this topic the attention it deserved required a good grasp on the lore, which is why I gave it an extra week. It was worth the wait as the responses were interesting and, to the lore n00b that I am, enlightening. Participating were:

TwilliK from Arcane Envoy

Aliera from The Violet Scribe

Saz from World of Saz

Hadrimda from Hadrimda’s Blog

As for this week’s Topic, suggested by Ama of Specced for Drama, well, it doesn’t really need an introduction…

What is your favorite profession and why?

Offering their input are:

Garona from PvE Rogues (Her site’s down at the moment, I’m hoping it’ll be back up soon)

Sarindre from Through the Eyes of a Tree

Gneisha from Totally My Totem

Aliera from The Violet Scribe

Saz from World of Saz

Kamalia from Kamalia et alia

Fannon from Dwarven Battle Medic

Akabeko from Red Cow Rise

Corath from Corath’s Blog

Malevica from Type H for Heals

Kahiaau from Green Bars Spec (Who tried to hide from me)

Enlynn from Bubblespec

And coming up on Blog Azeroth, so so many exciting Topics! Next week, we’ve got another Horde vs Alliance Topic. Azeroth, is the Horde on the road to conquering it? Show off your knowledge of Azerothian politics (and maybe teach me some) and share a link to your post in the thread at Blog Azeroth.

Then get ready for these inspiring upcoming Topics:
Favourite Race
Do your alts know each other?
Weird gaming habits

Resource Site Spotlight – Ask Mr. Robot

** The above image is not from our spotlight site, Ask Mr. Robot, but I thought it was just too durned cute not to add it ^.^ **

On the request of the big boss man, Fimlys, and by recommendation of my fellow OverLore host Nibuca, I am reviewing Ask Mr. Robot this week for the RSS article.

I have said it before, throughout Wrath I was a hardcore min/maxer. I used a vast array of websites, spreadsheets, and even java script based gear and talent optimizers. In fact my extreme love of these tools lead me to be Murloc Rolled on GroupQuest, one of Medros‘ shows on Dawn Forge.

[If you haven’t noticed, I’m in a bit of a pimp-a-licious mood today, but I’ll keep the remaining pimpage to Ask Mr. Robot]

Ask Mr. Robot, or rather Mr. Robot’s World of Warcraft Gear Optimization and Theorycraft Website!, is one such site that I will assuredly be using in my Cataclysm min-maxing, and also for making choices in dungeons to run for gear acquisitions and reputation priorities as well. Like all gear optimization tools you cannot bank on these being 100% accurate. That’s impossible. There are very complicated soft caps and hard caps at play, as well as constantly changing mechanics that require a full time job just to keep with for one class and spec, let alone 30. However Ask Mr. Robot is a very well crafted site with an easy and intuitive UI that every player of World of Warcraft can find useful and should use to make their gearing and enchanting/gemming choices.

Once at start by selecting the “Gear Optimizer” and import your character by inputing your realm name and character name, then start plugging away at gear pieces and enchantments. There are some good advanced features, but even the most casual user will be able to use the site to great affect.

I found several adorable robots while searching for the header image, and I feel it would be a disservice to not include them, so I will close out the post with these adorable robot pictures. Whether you like it or not.



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Episode 121 – Whalen Caverns

wailingcaverns This week we welcome Whalen from Curse to the show. He talks about his job there, wowstead and, of course, playing WoW! Not a lot of news but we do talk about the iPad 2 (why?) and go over the shared topics and new blogs.

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— Continue reading Episode 121 — Whalen Caverns —

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