Resource Site Spotlight – WoW Progress

Good Day Twisted NetheRaiders!

Today’s spotlight is not just for you though. There’s a little bit of everything at

WoW Progress bills itself as the #1 WoW Rankings Website, and I might just have to agree. (after all it says so in the title!) They are awesomely up to date with all the latest and greatest raid rankings around the World of Warcraft. If you are a follower of the world firsts and the heroic ladder climbing this is the place to get the latest news. However, this site has a few tricks up its proverbial sleeves, with some interesting tidbits of information to offer above and beyond your standard raiding information.

Recruitment: This site offers a recruitment tool that a wayward raider might find very useful. Plug in what you’re looking for and this little baby will tell you who might be looking for you. It can be found smack dab in the center in the Guild Rankings section. Just select your faction, raid amount per week, language and what class you play and away you go!

Characters: This drop down offers you a variety of choices. You can search a specific toon for Item Level, Challenge Score, Achievement Points and BATTLE PETS! You can even search for statistics; deaths, kills, battlegrounds, total damage done, and much more!

There’s even a button that will take you to DiabloProgress. For those of you who like to indulge in a little dungeon crawling on the side. 😉

wowprogressVideo: One of the newest additions to the site are video captures of encounters. Scroll down to the bottom of the main screen and click on the YouTube logo next to the fight you’d like to see. You can then choose from a couple of different character POV’s and check out the fights. The videos are from some of the top guilds around the world.wowprogess2

If you haven’t  been to this site lately, it is definitely worth poking around and taking a second look at.


So all you number crunching, statistic munching, ranking crazed raiders….go make the world a better place!


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I know it’s Summer, and everything gets crazy in the Summer. Schedules get changed, people spend more time outside (except in my case, where I spend more time inside, I hate the heat). But that’s no reason not to blog, right?!

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Resource Site Spotlight – Petopia

Hello Twisted Nether Hunters! This ones for you!

Just like my hunter brethren us warlocks understand the power of pets;  and what better place to find out all about them then the hottest pet site around.

Petopia: A complete guide to hunter pets in the World of Warcraft.

Petopia is one of those sites that always seems to be up to date and have the information you need when you need it. So let’s break it down and take a look at what they have to offer.

  • I’ve never played a hunter before, what pet can I expect to get on my new toon? Starter Pet Chart
  • Ok, cool I’ve started my new hunter. What do I need to know? How to begin
  • That’s awesome! Now I know where to start, but what the heck are specs? Pet Specs
  • I’ve got a feel for my hunter and I’m chugging right along. I think I’d like to try some different pets. Where can I see all my choices? Find a Pet

I love this site. I have a hunter – in fact it’s my main on the other faction (shhh don’t tell anyone). I am not a huge hunter pet collector, but when I want to find something specific or learn something new about a skill, this is the site I head to. Hands down.


All right Hunters! Go make the world a better place!


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Episode 203 – Around the Horn

TNB_Logo512_thumb It’s another Round Table! This time, we discuss patch 5.3. We know it’s been out for a while but that just gave our panelists more time to try all the things. We welcome Joe “Lodur” of WoW Insider, Raid Warning and, Quori of Surviving WoW and Azeroth Pirate Radio and Jeni from Escapist Scrawl.

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Shared Topic: Favorite Vanity Pets (Follow-up)

Happy Monday, Bloggers!

Last weeks Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, which was proposed on the Blog Azeroth forums by Noahdeer from Be MOP, was “What is your favorite vanity item in World of Warcraft?”

Answering the call-to-arms, or I suppose that would be call-to-keyboards (funny writing joke is funny?), were the following folks:

Noahdeer from Be MOP
Gryphonheart from The Lion Guard
Luxypie from Sunshine, Luxypie and Rainbows
Velgana from Adventures in Skywall
Erinys from Harpy’s Nest

As you can see it was a FANTASTIC turnout! Follow the links for each of those authors and their blogs to read their posts, and/or head over to the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic forum thread for this topic and see all the links there as well!

If you are wondering if these Shared Topics generate traffic, you should see how many comments each of these posts are already generating after only one week!

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